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  Cycling along East Hualian
2020/06/09 | editor

It had been drizzling for days, coupled with the COVID-19 pandemic, youngsters of the Mustard Seed Youth Home were kept indoor and felt like moldy human. Everyone can't wait to go out and get some fresh air. Fortunately, the sun just came out so brightly that teacher decided to arrange bike riding to bring youngsters out visiting Liyu Carp Lake.

Ahead of the trip, everybody was doing the safety check around the bike to prevent unwanted accident on the road. After the safety check was completed, the coach provided thorough briefing to the group. He asked each person to abide by the instructions and be mindful while riding the bike. Before taking off, everyone praised to the God for giving good weather and safe trip. 

Youngsters complied with the guidelines and rode orderly. The group was divided into four small teams. Around the noon time, the crew arrived at Liyu Carp Lake. To most bikers, nothing was better than enjoying the delicious local food after a long ride. Youngsters bought some light meal and a few famous local delicacies, put them into a box before starting a picnic. Each individual selected his own beautiful spot, sitting down and enjoying the food. After lunch and before riding to the next stop, youngsters followed the instructions they learned at the Youth Home, that is, wash the lunch box, exercise the garbage separation, and clean up the surrounding areas.  By doing so, they just showed love and care to the earth, practiced the environmental protection behavior and ensured the whole landscape was undamaged.  As a result, the beautiful scenery and surroundings would get to be well preserved for the upcoming visitors to enjoy. 

Following a full and wonderful meal, youngsters were cycling around the lake, to capture as much impressively last fine view as possible. They were very pleased of having such a great opportunity out for this trip. It has been a while since the last cycling was arranged. Youngsters hoped to have similar bike riding happened again soon. Everybody was looking forward to the next trip. 


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