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  Study Buddy, Two Heads are Better than One
2020/04/08 | editor

Student volunteers from National Dong Hwa University and Tzu Chi University have been helping the youths at the Youth Home with their studies. Before the start of the new semester, Luke, who is one of the youths, has mentioned that these study sessions have been very useful for him as the companionship from his study buddy has helped him to focus better. Other than academics, the student volunteers also helped him with his social skills, which has helped him to break down some walls in his heart.

 Study Sessions in Mustard Seed Youth Home

The student volunteers who have been the study buddy of Luke, Zion and Ting, have also shared their journey during a sharing session with other student volunteers. Zion shared that Luke seemed very cold in the beginning, and as he tried to initiate more conversations with Luke, he was able to share more and was more willing to spend more time on his academics. Luke also shared with Zion that he hopes for more study sessions like this. Ting shared that these sessions have helped in Luke's motivation in studying and is willing to work harder for his grades. Both Zion and Ting shared that they hope that these study sessions have helped Luke piece together the last jigsaw puzzle of his learning!

 Study Sessions in Mustard Seed Youth Home

In conclusion, we have realized the impact these study sessions have on the youths. Other than improvement in their academic results, there was a stark improvement in the attitudes of these youths, they have learnt to be more gentle and meek, and also polite and respectful to the people around them. We hope that the companionship from the student volunteers will help the youths to strengthen their soul as they embark on their life journey towards adulthood!

 Study Sessions in Mustard Seed Youth Home

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