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  2019 Result Report​ of ​Diversified Learning Project​ in Mustard Seed Youth Home
2020/02/19 | editor
Dear Supports :

Thank you for your support on the ​Diversified Learning Project​ in Mustard Seed Youth Home in 2019!

Here is the 2019 Result Report from the field:

Children in Mustard Seed Youth Home some are from dysfunctional families and some are referred from the court or the government. They often lack self-confidence due to their own background or history. Besides, 2/3 of them were dropped out of school for years and they don't think learning is going to help them in the future. It would put them into a vicious circle and couldn't well-develop in their childhood. Some children are smart and willing to learn but they couldn't keep up the speed due to the years of dropping out of school. It would cause them away from learning. 

The Service focuses on… 

  1. academic counseling ​
  2. talent learning & physical training ​
  3. summer camps 

to improve children's social adaptability in groups and discover inner advantages.

Talent Learning​ will...

*Cultivate music intelligence and skills​
*Discover and develop interests and talents​
*Discover self-potentials and self-value​
*Develop self-confidence​
*Improve learning effectiveness​

Physical Training​ will...

*Improve physical and mental health and energy

After-school Tutoring​ will... 

*Improve academic achievement​
*Build the intelligence of thinking logic and basic knowledge

Summer Camp​ will...

*Learn to face the difficulties and develop the ability to break through the predicament​

After-school Tutoring​

Before   After

*About 2/3 of the children were out of school before and needed to make up for basic education​

*About 3/4 of the children are lagging behind in learning and have low academic achievement​









*About 18 youths participated after-school tutoring, participation rate 78%.​

*Holding 18 subjects, a total of 913 class hours. In average, each youth take 2 subjects.​

*88% of children find the lessons easy to understand​

*82% of children think the teacher's expression is easy to understand​

*94% of children think that they can respond and interact with the teacher during the lesson​

*100% of children say they will not be late for class


Talent Learning & Physical Training​

Training: Improving young children's physical movement and musical intelligence.​
Talent learning: Developing personal skills, expand interpersonal, introspective and natural observation intelligence, and improve social skills and self-reliance.​
Bank activities: realize the mutual help of group life, learn to respect others, develop a sense of learning achievement and self-responsibility.​
Performance: enhance the self-confidence and sense of accomplishment​.

More than 80% of children think

  1. the program improves their physical fitness and talent skills
  2. the program improves their self-confidence in interpersonal interaction
  3. the overall approach makes them be more active and energetic
  4. the courses can break through their own difficulties of development
It shows that talent & physical fitness classes can
improve children's interpersonal interaction and frustration endurance!
In the future, we also hope that children
can plan their own services and learn lessons;
Using their own learned talents to serve more disadvantaged youths,
so that children are no longer just “receive”, and is able to “Give”!

Summer Camp​

4 months (32 hours) pre-event planning​

  1. Learn to read maps and directions​.
  2. Establish good communication methods.
  3. Leadership development.
  4. Improve problem-solving ability​

2 tribal service learning plans​

  1. Know more about family and community​.
  2. Improve event planning capabilities​.
  3. Establish a positive attitude for giving back to society.​

Multi-disciplinary competence building​

  • 3 youths are empowered to become assistant guiders of internal camp.

Event preparation​

  1. Participation satisfaction is over 70%, of which over 50% are very satisfied​.
  2. Camp planning satisfaction reached 70%​.

Cultural participation​

  1. Satisfaction is as high as 80% to 85%, and know more about Taiwanese tribal culture​.
  2. Up to 75% of children think they have a connection with their culture​.

Cycling Challenge​

  1. 80% of children complete group tasks.
  2. 80% of children feel that their leadership skills have improved​.
  3. 75% of children think that communication skills have improved​.
  4. 80% of children think there is an improvement in emotional control​.
Thank you again for all you have done to help this cause!

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