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  Summer Challenge Camp - First Snorkeling
2019/07/09 | editor

The Mustard Seed Youth Home in Hualien, Taiwan, held a summer camp for adolescent to experience snorkel for the very first time. We went to Shimen in Fengbin Township early in the morning. The coach explained how to wear the swimming mask correctly and the proper way to use it, he also shared the precautions of breathing in the ocean. Furthermore, he taught everyone to respect nature, leave no traces, and take away all the garbage. Although the waves were a bit high, we can still see creatures in the sea. 

Children practice snorkeling in a pool
Children practice snorkeling in a pool
For most children, it is their very first time snorkeling; they wanted to dive into the sea, yet they had great fear inside and hesitated. From holding back to enjoy the ocean, it is a great opportunity for children to overcome themselves. When all the children stepped into the ocean, Han was very scared. Although he was assisted by others, he could not stop crying. With constant encouragement from the team, Han slowly calmed down and felt the swing of the sea. Gradually not needing others’ assistance, Han could float along with the sea, or even tried to swim to the place where he could not step on the ground. 
Children snorkeling in the cove
Children snorkeling in the cove
For children who have experience snorkeling before, in addition to the observation of the sea, the beautiful bay is a great location to have diverse experience. They became "professional divers" doing front flip, after flip, fancy diving and rotary diving; with endless creativity and joy, made this experience lively and vivid.
At the end of the event, everyone was filled with joy. Xian, who once had experience in drowning, finally overcame the fear in his heart and said that he wants to swim in the new semester, and Han could float and enjoy the water eventually.
Let's dive together
Let's dive together
Help community underprivileged children in Taiwan are able to have the chance to see and learn more!

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