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2019/06/26 | editor

Diverse Career Options Available for the Graduates

To let high school graduates know more about military affair, Recruitment Center of National Armed Forces invited servicemen from air force and marine to share with them. With information displayed and interactive introduction of various units, follow-up training pipeline, salary and career planning, the teens get to know military life better. In the briefing session, the professional recruiters introduced the applying process and shared their personal experience of military life, which makes the teenagers more curious about the troops, and raising relevant issues and questions actively, such as their own suitable military service suggestion, military units in their hometown that they can serve, and the future promotion pipeline, etc., the event was lively.

An army recruiter introducing to Mustard Seed Youth Home‘s teen
An army recruiter introducing to Mustard Seed Youth Home‘s teen

Set Goals and Stride Forward

Hong, a new graduate, said that through the introduction, he knew more about his career goal and hoped that he could pass the army assessment. Xin also shared that he has decided his career goal after the orientation, yet he needs to work out more to meet enlistment standards.

Recruitment Center of National Armed Forces welcomes the Mustard Seed Youth Home to experience the military life in summer vacation. Mustard Seed Youth Home also hoped that the collaboration with Recruitment Center of National Armed Forces may provide teenagers a different choice in their lives.

Teens asking questions actively
Teens asking questions actively
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