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  A Valuable Learning Opportunity
2019/03/15 | editor

According to the statistics of the Ministry of Health and Welfare in Taiwan, about 2,600 children leave the children placement system each year, and one-third of them are teenagers under the age of 15. They are forced to enter the society early and live alone, but less than 5% of the teenagers receive government assistance.

Children in the Mustard Seed Youth Home are lacking resources on education, positive relationship support, daily supplies, and direction in life. Some of them had dropped out of school and stopped learning before they were sent to the Mustard Seed Youth Home. 

However, every child has an equal right to learn, to explore, to be educated, and to be guided. Thus, the Mustard Seed Youth Home aims to motivate these children to complete the compulsory education, to encourage them to learn talents, to help them to develop their self-confidence, and to guide their future career direction.

Learning a skill is the first step of self-reliance! Children in the Mustard Seed Youth Home were invited to one manufacturer member of the Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Association in Hualien to understand the refrigeration and air conditioning industry and knowledge. The children took a valuable practical course.

Practicing Skills

Interest exploration and vocational training are important courses for young children in the Mustard Seed Youth Home. This time, the children learned about the process of installing cold storage and the principle of refrigerating air conditioning. Everyone listened carefully, and they gained more operational experiences on the deformation techniques of the tube such as cutting and curved tube. In just two hours of classes, the children learned a lot.

Youth have learned how to cut and deform the tube

Expressing Gratitude

Thanks to the long-term concern of the Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Care Association, which even provides work and education opportunities for children. On the same day, the children also showed the results of music course on the stage at dinner time. These children wanted to show their thanks to the uncles and aunts who care about them!

The teenagers gave a performance in the dinner

In addition to the care of the children's life, Mustard Seed Youth Home will also strengthen the children's schooling and academic tutoring, and provide vocational training to them, so that teenagers with family problems and unhealthy family education can head to the future without worries.

Association gives the football to children
Through Diversified Learning Project,
we offer opportunities for children to learn talents.
Children can build confidence from learning different talents.
In order to expand children's understanding of different jobs,
we invite guests to talk about their jobs and personal experience.
Children also can expand their views through workplace visits and part-time jobs.
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