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Cycling without Fear
2021/02/08 | editor
Every step of cycling forward with every effort is like breaking through the plight of one's own life.

Sing on Your Own Stage of Life
2021/02/08 | editor
Let the children learn from standing on the stage, even if there is no one to accompany them, they can support themselves to overcome fear by deep feeling of their own existence

Finding Inspiration in National Sport: Baseball
2021/01/01 | editor
Children at MS Youth Home have passion for baseball rooted in the minds. These teens were overjoyed when they entered the stadium for baseball games.

The Spirit of Wheat Demonstrated by Rural Youngsters
2020/12/03 | editor
In the Mustard Seed Youth Home, the annual bicycle riding camp is one of the most anticipated activities for teenagers. Since last year, a task that teenagers have never t

Long-Lost Nature, a Longing Outing
2020/10/07 | editor
The teenagers went on an outing and relive the mountains, ocean, and fresh air in eastern Taiwan on a sunny weekend.

Special Training for Anti-pandemic at Youth Home
2020/09/03 | editor
As COVID-19 has been globally wide-spreading, the Youth Home of the Mustard Seed Mission stays highly alert and follow up closely of the pandemic development updates

Journey Towards a Future
2020/08/06 | editor
When Hulk first came to the Mustard Seed Youth Home, he was passive and not good at expressing himself when interacting with others. 

The First Experience of Astronomical Wonders of the Youths
2020/07/15 | editor
"If we miss today's astronomical wonder-the solar eclipse, it will take 195 years to see it!"

Cycling along East Hualian
2020/06/09 | editor
Following a full and wonderful meal, youngsters were cycling around the lake, to capture as much impressively last fine view as possible.

Study Buddy, Two Heads are Better than One
2020/04/08 | editor
Other than improvement in their academic results, there was a stark improvement in the attitudes of these youths, they have learnt to be more gentle and meek...

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You must love the Lord your God with all your heart, with all your being, with all your mind, and with all your strength. The second is this, You will love your neighbor as yourself. (Mark 12:30-31)


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