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  Buddies in Agape Children's Home
2022/05/11 | editor

"Cleaning", in the average family is probably done once a year, or a quarter period of year. But in Agape Children's Home, we take advantage of every weekend to do cleaning in zone-focus manner. This trains children to learn housework, and to care about where they live. So that, the living environment may look good and they can live more comfortably.

Jose, who is usually easily distracted, carefully cleans the circulating fans of the small house where he lives. Remove the screws, remove the fan blades for cleaning, wipe the dust off with a rag and a toothbrush, and finally spray maintenance oil and lock all parts again. After completing the job of the living room, Jose assisted the teacher in doing the same for the duty room and as well as the others' rooms. It took nearly a whole morning to complete this big project. Seeing Jose sweating profusely, the teacher praised him and said, "You were very concentrated today, and you had continued to focus on it for a long time!" Jose said while installing screws: "This seems to be the longest cleaning job I've ever done. It's so tiring." Although Jose said so, he was actually happy because he focused on one thing, breaking through the easy distraction habit in the past. The teacher also greatly affirmed him, and finally he smiled and said, "This cleaning is very fulfilling." Although the process was hard, it was in exchange for a clean environment and the experience of focusing on completing one thing.

Hugo is the only middle school student who recently moved to our small home. He has a more mature personality than the younger brothers. He will take the initiative to share things at school and take care of things at home. He is especially good at cutting fruit. When the younger brothers are scrambling to play on the computer, he will slowly pick up the fruit, help everyone peel, cut into pieces, and distribute it to everyone. In the Home, the older kids will lead the youngers to learn together, such as instructing how to brush the floor to look cleaner, or how to save space while arranging the folded chairs, or how to grill and season meat, and build up the casual little habit.

A while ago, the teacher led the children to share each other's class notes, and everyone picked up and introduced their own notes. Hugo lowered his head silently, listening to everyone who talked energetically. The teacher also repeatedly emphasized that sharing notes is not to evaluate each other, but it's about sharing your routine, your habits, and also referring to other people's learning methods. Hugo listened, raised his head slowly, and was in a cheerful mood. He ran to get his own notes and shared them with everyone. He also took the self-study time that day very seriously, and made colorful notes to deepen himself the impression.

This time, we made some adjustments for the boys and the two children according to their age and schedule. Indeed, the strength of unity is strong. The older ones lead the younger ones, cultivate different abilities from each other, learn from each other, and also create a good atmosphere in the small family. Learning to do the little things well helps one to do big thing in the future.

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