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  I Wanna Be A Little Drummer
2022/04/22 | editor

When he was in primary school, Yuth used to be known as a boy who likes everything related to boats and mechanical stuff.

Once he was taken on a bicycle ride to the riverbank of Guandu.

When he saw the boat, he asked immediately: "Teacher, may I go up there and take a picture?"

When he is at Agape Children's Home, he would try to make various machines to make the toy boat move. So enthusiastic that he almost flooded the bathroom once.

Now he is in junior high school, he likes the science even more.

With a mind full of wild imagination and ever the action man he is, Yuth could always find lots of materials to experiment and test upon reading something from a science textbook. The teachers always try to help him to learn how to fully develop his own potential in a safe environment, to build self-confidence and a sense of achievement in the process of learning experiences.

One day, Yuth told the social worker that he wants to learn playing drums. Out of curiosity, the social worker asked him why. He replied:"I used to see the teacher playing drums in the church and I also learned a bit of it and I thought it was fun." Learning his interest, the social worker and Yuth agreed to a weekly courses program based on which Yuth shall learn to organize his time and to practice on his own initiative. The social worker also encouraged him to learn it well so that he can be the drummer in the church worship group one day.

When Yuth came back to the boy's dormitory that day, he happily told the student assistance teacher that in the future, the task of the drummer would be his.

Afterwards, the sound of drums beating in the church can often be heard from afar when one came in through the door of the Agape Children's Home every day, it turned out that it was Yuth who rushed to the church to practice drums once he finished his homework when he came back from school.

The social worker once saw a practice schedule written on Yuth's desk calendar, and often heard the student assistance teacher sharing stories that Yuth actively searching for jazz drum related knowledge and materials at night, and that every week he printed out some drum scores to ask the teacher for advice.

Without anyone noticing it, more than two months have passed since Yuth started to learn playing, and he practices as diligently as in day one. Whenever he sees the social worker, he often says happily: "I have practiced quite well what I learned last time. Would you like to listen?"

Sitting on the drum chair and playing, Yuth looks like someone who knows what he is doing with a perfect sense of rhythm. He said that he had not often been able to cultivate the same interest for more than a month, but this learning experience made him very happy, and the social worker encouraged him to set a goal for himself and become a little drummer in the future.

After saying that, the two of them looked at each other and smiled.

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