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  Little Seeds: Expertise of Everything in Life
2021/04/08 | editor

In Agape Children's Home, the little children actually have many unexpected skills! The innocent and cute children who are willing to help often use their abilities to give a little effort to their homeland.

Serious and Responsible Small Plumber

One day after school, Little Cutie saw the teacher is going to repair the faucet; she looked at the teacher with expectant and eager eyes and asked, "Teacher, I want to help repair it together, I want to try it!" Seeing that the girl's eagerness to help and learn, the teacher invited her to join. The serious Little Cutie followed the instructions carefully and operated step by step. In the final step, with the faucet installed back, its position was skewed; meanwhile, Little Cutie insisted to adjust it by herself. Trying various ways without giving up, the small plumber finally completed the repair successfully!

The Little Farmer Full of Expectation

Little Q, ran to find the teacher after school and excitedly shared: "Today, my school teacher gave me corn and peas seeds. I want to plant them in pots and take care of them. I can't wait to see them growing up." The serious Little Q began to dig the mud, and was startled by the lively earthworms in the process! Little Q still did not stop, and she carefully put the seeds into the pots and watered them patiently, looked forward to decorating a small corner of homeland on the day of budding.

Tidy Up Masters

Every Saturday morning, the children in Agape Children's Home will work together to clean up the environment of their Homes. Whether it is sweeping, mopping the floor, cleaning windows, cleaning electric fans, etc., none can trouble them. In addition, they have unique storage and organization methods for their own desk and wardrobe, such as using a plastic chocolate box as a storage box. The reuse is a way of environmental protection. The children take full responsibility in their own field and each item is well placed and has its own home.

Whenever children are willing to try new things, the teachers of Agape Children's Home will give positive encouragement, inspire them to try various opportunities to experience life, cultivate their courage amid frustration by their side, aiming to stimulate the children's unlimited potential. The teachers give a helping hand whenever the children need, accompany the small seeds to have a healthy and strong mind during the germination, and meet the challenges in the future.

Protect children and help them move forward towards a radiant life!
Empower vulnerable children to get well prepared for future life!


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