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  Children Who Grow up in Adversity︱ Contentment and Treasure
2021/01/11 | editor

Out of the disintegrated family, Titus cherishes his life in Agape Children's Home!

When Titus was little, his Indonesian mother was sent back to her country for illegal stay and has since lost contact. His father was more than 70 years old, unable to earn a living for himself not mentioning to take care of his three young kids. Life was precarious. Thus, Titus and his two younger brothers entered Children's Home. He knew to strive for the best in adversity; his character and academic performance were repeatedly affirmed. Titus was grateful and cherished his life, and he always made the people around him feel at ease. He has a sense of justice, and he is determined to become a lawyer in the future, uphold justice for the disadvantaged, and help more people in need.

When he first came to the Agape Children's Home, affiliated with the Mustard Seed Mission (MSM), Titus was not a small child. In the Children's Home, he played with other children and grew up with them like brothers and sisters. He has good academic performance and loves to learn. He serves as the monitor of the class, and is also the teacher's right-hand man. He is enthusiastic about class affairs.

Agape Children's Home mainly takes care of children aged 4 to 18, whose family is disabled and their relatives are unable to raise them. It provides care and guidance in daily life, schoolwork and psychology, links diverse learning resources, and gives children the most appropriate assistance such as student volunteers from Fu Jen Catholic University tutoring courses in English and mathematics for children. Titus was always seen working hard.

 "The young Titus has a great sense of justice. His dream is to be a lawyer in the future, specializing in fighting injustices and upholding justice for the society." The social worker said that Titus is very self-demanding, and he usually works hard to study. With unremitting efforts, he recently won the honor of the first "Chairman Education Award" organized by a non-governmental social welfare organization for the junior high school group. This award is a great encouragement for children growing up in adversity!

Every child has different abilities. Some children may be lagged at the starting point because of family. With the help of social networks, we have seen Titus' extraordinary performance in the Children's Home. When the society gathers more love, the more it can provide to protect the children in need of care.


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