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  2019 Result Report​ of ​Diversified Learning Project​ in Agape Children's Home
2020/02/19 | editor
Dear Supports :

Thank you for your support on the ​Diversified Learning Project​ in Agape Children‘s Home in 2019!

Here is the 2019 Result Report from the field:

Children in Agape Children's Home are from dysfunctional families, they often lack self-confidence due to their own background or their history. Some even refuse to learn and it would cause them to put themselves into a vicious circle and couldn't well-develop in their childhood.

The Service focuses on… 

Talent Learning​ will...

*Cultivate music intelligence and skills​
*Discover and develop interests and talents​
*Discover self-potentials and self-value​
*Develop self-confidence​
*Improve learning effectiveness​

Physical Training​ will...

*Improve physical and mental health and energy ​

Summer Camp​ will...

*Learn to face the difficulties and develop the ability to break through the predicament​

Career Exploration​ will...

*Provide Job Exploration ​
*Participate Internship program​
*Prepare future working capacities​​​

In 2019,
  1. 16 children participated in the diversified learning project each week.
  2. 55 times of persons were benefited in the projects. Through the learning of various courses, children can explore and cultivate their long-term interests and talents.
  3. Total 1,109 times that children have participated in the projects with different classes such as choir (160 times)piano (378 times)skates (546 times), and adventure experience events (25 times) in the summer camp.
  4. 25 children participated in the summer camp. The overall service satisfaction of the summer camp team is over 78%, which means they are getting more open to learn new things.
  5. Enhance self-confidence and sense of accomplishment through presentation and performance.
Thank you again for all you have done to help this cause!
Thank you again for all you have done to help this cause!
Children practicing before choir performance

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