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  Innocent Smiles
2019/12/06 | editor

The cute and innocent smiles of the kids seem to enable to conquer all the obstacles of life. Their smiles shine like a sun as if they are carefree and genuinely joyful. Children express themselves honestly; they laugh when they are happy and they cry when they are sad. Although sometimes they can cause their teachers some serious headaches, but their innocence has the ability to lighten up one's day.

A little happiness can lead to a happy smile
A little happiness can lead to a happy smile

Even though they are naughty, they can also be caring and thoughtful. When they see the social workers sitting by him/herself quietly, they will approach us and ask about his/her day, "How are you?", "Are you feeling upset?", "Are you sick?" When the social workers are busy, they will ask, "Do you need any help?". A greeting from the children can alleviate all the worries and stress.

Every kid in the Agape Children's Home came from different backgrounds. Perhaps we felt sorry for them, yet I see a strong, courageous and optimistic heart in each one of them. They never fear any challenge, and are always more than willing to try new things.

Be yourself: be pure and happy
Be yourself: be pure and happy
The smiles of the kids made me realize that there is nothing in life that we cannot deal with. As long as we laugh it out and think optimistically, we can face all obstacles! We ought to constantly remind ourselves to be as innocent as the kids. Thank all the children for teaching me so much stuff. I hope they all can keep this purity in heart as they grow up.

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Founded in 1957, Agape Children's Home is dedicated to providing child placement services for disadvantaged children. Agape Children's Home strives to recreate a family-structured environment for children. Caregivers at every home are regarded as parental figures that manage children's daily life and homework, provide comfort and act as guides for their spiritual development. In their spare time, children participate in extracurricular classes according to their needs and interests. Through the close relationships that develop through the intimate family settings, children are encouraged to become independent while developing essential social skills and receiving quality education. 


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