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  From Darkness to Brightness
2019/08/29 | editor

Before being placed in residential placement institute, most children experienced a lot of negative and sad experiences and emotional trauma, affecting the children's mind, self-awareness, self-worth, and physical and mental development, etc. In order to improve the children's psychological and behavioral states, we will help the children to deal with their inner dilemmas through professional psychological counseling. See How to Deal with it

A Crying Boy

Enn is a smart and lovely child with energy, but from early childhood, he always used crying to express his emotions and thoughts. When he grows up, he often encounters many problems because of precocity. After graduating from elementary school, he turns to be angry and violent when he encounters things that unexpected, faces difficulties, or problems he couldn't solve. It causes many troubles and conflicts to Enn.

Enn is able to control his emotions after half year counseling
Enn is able to control his emotions after half year counseling


Since we know about Enn's situation, we arranged several counseling appointments for Enn. Through the game and painting therapy, and several different treatments of corrective emotional situations, he is able to gradually express his feeling or transfers his feeling properly when he faces things he is hard to accept. Half a year later, Enn is able to control his emotions and seldom to lose the temper in tight situations; now he tries to express his thoughts with words. Although he occasionally has emotions, we all know he is in transition.

We hope that through this project, each child is able to
develop their self-awareness,
construct social and intrinsic value,
improve interpersonal interaction,
clarify emotions and behaviors,
handle and face negative labels,
so that they can gradually face and deal with family injuries!


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