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  Learning Math is so FUN
2019/01/16 | editor

Learning Math is so FUN

One day, a group of young people came to Agape Children's Home with boxes of board games. They are students from the Department of Mathematics at Fu Jen University. These young people are children's after-class tutors and this time they want to teach math to kids in an interesting way.

Developing Sense of Math

There are many kinds of games, and each game needs to play with communications and wisdom in order to go through every challenge. Children are discussing their strategy to win the game even to those who don't like math are willing to keep trying to solve problems.

Do it Together

Some kids already finish their tasks but some don't. However, kids in Agape Children's Home will not leave anyone behind. All who already completed their tasks go to help those who are falling behind. Students from the Fu Jen University also help kids to solve the problems together.

Happy Ending

Children all finish their tasks! Through board games, children's logic and the concept of math are developed. Moreover, children are amazed by their own performances that they have generated during the game. Undoubtedly, they are happy and have fun. Thanks to the students from the Fu Jen University.


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