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Little Seeds: Expertise of Everything in Life
2021/04/08 | editor
In Agape Children's Home, the little children actually have many unexpected skills! They are willing to help to give a little effort to their homeland!

Cross-Generational Bonding
2021/02/08 | editor
The visit to granny gave kids opportunity to enjoy interacting with senior citizen. Also, it's chance to see that the children have grown more mature and were

Children Who Grow up in Adversity︱ Contentment and Treasure
2021/01/11 | editor
Titus and his two younger brothers entered Agape Children's Home. He knew to strive for the best in adversity; his character and academic performance were repeatedly affirm

A Different Christmas
2020/12/01 | editor
Last Christmas, the children in the Agape Children's Home took over the entire Christmas program, and did everything all by themselves.

Hands-On Experience is So Fun!
2020/10/12 | editor
The children's long-planned "Operation to Renew the Old Iron Cabinet" is officially launched. Everyone is gearing up and can't wait. 

The Happy Summer Vacation for Agape Children's Home!
2020/09/21 | editor
The teachers in the Agape Children's Home, loving the children as their parents, gave the children a wonderful summer vacation this year. 

Fighting COVID-19 with exercise︱E.D Run 20
2020/08/10 | editor
Children in Agape Children's Home came up with an exercise idea—E.D Run 20, which means running 20 minutes every day to combat COVID-19. 

The Small Flowerbed in the Children's Home - to Shape Up Green Mentality, Starting from Young Age
2020/07/20 | editor
Charlie followed the instructions accordingly to plant the carrot, the green carrot leaves are growing out of the soil. Charlie feels a great sense of achievement!&

To Be A Policeman!
2018/05/15 | editor
Last week, Central Police University's students came to visit Agape Children's Home and introduce Central Police University to children. The students explained the d

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