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Founded in 1957, Agape Children’s Home is dedicated to providing child placement services for those who are at a disadvantage. Agape understands the importance for children to live in a family-structured environment, and so strives to recreate this in each one of its four homes. Care workers at every home are regarded as parental figures that manage children’s daily life and homework, provide comfort and act as guides for their spiritual development. In their spare time, children participate in extracurricular classes according to their needs and interests. Through the close relationships that develop through the intimate family settings, children are encouraged to become independent while developing essential social skills and receiving quality education.

 Target Service Group

1. Children between the ages of 4 and 18.

2. Children come from dysfunctional families and who lack supportive relatives. Their situations

    are described below:

    • Either both parents are absent or it is a single-family home without adequate means to

      support the child.

    • Parents are unable to support children due to unemployment, illness, or other causes.

    • Parents are unable to support children due to imprisonment.

    • Children who are maliciously abandoned, abused, neglected, hurt or improperly brought-up,

      or children who, by the request from the local government, qualify for placement.

Our Services

• Daily life care and counseling

• Schooling and tutoring

• Psychiatric counseling

• Hygiene and health service

• Hobby-exploring and talent-development courses

• Camping , service learning, sports, and recreational activities

• Family relationship maintenance

• Independent living training

• Preparation for out of home care placement and post-care follow-up services


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