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  Taiwan Star June Tsai (六月) Calling Everyone to Connect Together with Love for Vulnerable Children!
2022/06/28 | editor

According to the survey The Mustard Seed Mission (MSM) has done this year, it shows there are only 75% of high school graduates who receive MSM service have the intention to seek advanced education, comparing with the government’s latest data, 86% of high school graduates are willing to seek higher education, which points out an issue that vulnerable children need more support on education. Within the past 2 years, up to 46% of MSM children sponsors stopped their monthly support caused by COVID-19, the Russia and Ukraine conflict, economic fluctuations, etc. This is a huge challenge for MSM. June Tsai (六月), a Taiwan Star, supports MSM Children Sponsorship Program and calls everyone to become children sponsor and connect together with love for vulnerable children! With long-term support, it is helpful to break the poverty circle for disadvantaged children.

▲June Tsai (the third from the right) along with MSM and other sponsors called together to invite people to join MSM Children Sponsorship Program to help disadvantaged children in order to turn their lives into a better future.

“Children Sponsorship Social Impact Report" published by MSM shows that among the newly opened cases in the past ten years (2011-2020), nearly 70% of children are raised by single parents and grandparents; and it was 65% in the past two years (2020-2021). Besides, nearly 70% of households earn less than $NT25,000 ($US833) a month and some families are too marginalized that the government resource is not able to reach out. Based on reality, many disadvantaged children choose to jump into workplaces or military service rather than seek further education.

In Taiwan, due to the declining birthrate and the popularization of higher education, a college degree has become a minimum entry barrier in the job market, and "education" is also the key to transforming disadvantaged children’s life. You Ting-ting (游婷婷), director of the children sponsorship department in MSM, pointed out that in the children sponsorship program, children's willingness to continue their studies has increased from 71% last year to 76% this year. In the program, regular sponsor fees and education aid will be provided, it can ease the heavy financial burden and enable children to go to school with less pressure. It also helps children build self-confidence, develop characters of tolerance and deal with problems through strength-building activities so that they will have more confidence to face challenges in the future. However, the support from their original family is usually less. Thus, with long-term support from society, disadvantaged children would be able to be a giver and help other people one day in the future.

In MSM Children Sponsorship Program, seasoned social workers along with 737 community centers and church partners will form an intensive network and together provide services to children in the communities. With the locality and immediacy of church features, the service model will be able to provide immediate services to children with less time limit. Currently, nearly 5,000 children are benefited.

Li Zhao-Jia (李肇家), the Mustard Seed Mission CEO, said that by passing on the spirit of founder Mrs. Lillian R. Dickson "Let's go where there is the greater need!", MSM will keep helping those in need. This year is the 70 anniversary of MSM, Li points out a new service strategy “the history, the future" which will take “cultivation”, “growth”, “sharing”, and “inheritance” as the organization's mission and deliver love and services into every corner in the community all over Taiwan. Sponsored children are just like a seed that has been watered and cultivated through the children sponsorship program, eventually they will become trees and bear many fruits to bless people. In the end, many trees will form a huge garden to pass down love.

As the representative of MSM long-term children sponsor, Miss Fu (符小姐) attended the press conference to support the long-term children sponsorship. Her first wrote letter to her sponsored child was seven years ago, and at that time she made a decision on her own to sponsor children at least for 10 years. During the conference, she also shared that she used to be young and frivolous, but she was encouraged by her high school teacher. In the early days of sponsorship, she encountered a low ebb of startup failure. Later, she received a thank-you letter from the child she is sponsoring, saying "Thank you for making us all happy, I wish you a happy day", and she was inspired again. She encouraged her sponsored children to do what they love so they would become better themselves. She will continue to support the children till graduating from college. This year, she will sponsor two more children, one boy and one girl.

▲Ms. Fu (right), MSM long-term children sponsor, shared her feelings of being blessed by her sponsored children. June Tsai (left) fully supports MSM Children Sponsorship Program.

June Tsai (六月) was also raised by her grandparents when she was little. Her grandparents worked hard to take care of her and her sister, so she has a deep feeling for the bitterness and helplessness of disadvantaged families. This June, as MSM ambassador, June Tsai along with MSM and other sponsors called together to invite people to join MSM Children Sponsorship Program to help disadvantaged children in order to turn their lives into a better future.


We invite you to act now and join our Children Sponsorship Program


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