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  My SOCCER Dream!
2022/06/14 | editor

“I want to be a soccer coach! And I want to take care of my mom with this job!” Shin said.

Shin is 12 years old and is raised by her mom who has 5 lovely children and Shin is the youngest one. The 6-person families live in a tiny small shabby room. The whole family only depends on Shin’s mom who works as a cleaning housekeeper in a hotel to make a living. It is really a hard time for them.

Shin’s mom was abused by her ex-husband, and eventually, she decided to divorce for her children’s sake. After divorcing, Shin’s mom takes all the responsibility for her five children. Although she is under heavy loan pressure, as long as she sees the needs of her children in school or in life, she will do her best to fulfill their needs. Shin is a thoughtful and considerate kid, she always takes good care of herself and helps her mom with cleaning in order to let her mom take a break.

Shin is skinny but good at sports, especially soccer! The coach assigned her to be the team leader of the school soccer team and lead the team to win many rewards. Shin is self-disciplined and sets her own goal to be a soccer coach. Shin lives in a remote village in Hualien. Every time when our social worker comes to visit her family, Shin and her mom always welcome her. The social worker noticed on Shin’s feet and saw she wore a pair of blue slippers that didn't fit her well. After the interview, our social worker knew that the only pair of sneakers Shin has are to wear only when she practices soccer ...

Shin and her mom are grateful when they know The Mustard Seed Mission will provide education aid and daily supplies through MSM food bank system. We hope after receiving the services, Shin is able to put more effort into practicing soccer and school work, blooming her talents as possible as she could!


In Taiwan, there are still children like Shin who are brave to pursue their dreams. Although their family lacks the resources and financial support, they still move forward firmly and bravely towards their dreams.

We invite you to join the children sponsorship program to help disadvantaged children go to school stably and grow up happily.


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