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  The new CEO of the Mustard Seed Mission has taken office on May 30
2022/06/02 | editor

The new CEO of the Mustard Seed Mission, Zhao-jia Li (李肇家), has taken office on May 30. Together with the colleagues and many partners of the Mustard Seed Mission, they will continue the love of the founder Mrs. Lillian R. Dickson for the Taiwanese people, the land, as well as caring for those in need.

The chairman of the Mustard Seed Mission, Mr. Ren-Song Tsay (蔡仁松) said that when thinking about the future direction of the Mustard Seed Mission, the directors agreed that the candidate’s characteristics must have vision, strong execution, and close communication with the board. Therefore, after a long time with careful consideration, Mr. Zhao-jia Li was selected as the CEO of the Mustard Seed Mission.

Mr. Zhao-jia Li was the general manager of Dell Computer, Taiwan Branch and was the senior manager of many companies. He has had rich experiences in organizational management. Facing the challenges of today's pandemic and the rapid changes in the social economy, Mr. Zhao-jia Li said, "the Mustard Seed Mission have deeply cultivated in Taiwan for 70 years and has a solid foundation of social trust. We will be standing on the shoulders of our predecessors and continue to strive for the needs of today's society, provide immediate and nearby services for the disadvantaged, as well as taking ‘cultivation’, ‘growth’, ‘sharing’, and ‘inheritance as the organizational mission in order to lead and sustainably develop the Mustard Seed Mission."

As looking forward to the future, the Mustard Seed Mission will continue to uphold the founder Mrs. Lillian R. Dickson's original serving purpose: "Let's go where there is the greater need!", in response to the global trend of the SDGs (United Nations Sustainable Development Goals) and ESG (Environmental Protection, Social Responsibility, and Institutional Governance). By directly serving and connecting with local resources, it promotes the supporting network in the community, which brings hope to the children, the elderly, the weak, and the needy. It enables the aided people to become helpers themselves and starts a virtuous circle of goodness.

We invite everyone to join hands with us to find the value of kindness and justice on this path of helping others, and in the process of continuous progress, in order to bring out socially influential actions for Taiwan and move towards the common good!


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