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  Camping in Agape Children's Home is Fun!
2022/05/20 | editor

During the holidays in early April, due to the consideration of epidemic prevention, we reduced our outing activities. The teacher and the children planned a Home Camping in the courtyard together. With excitement and anticipation, each child made a list of personal items and organized the items by themselves. At this time, it can be seen that the items that each person values ​​are very different.

During the camping period, we played a game called " Deceive the Demon". The challenge faced by each Home is to find a suitable way to complete the task through teamwork, and from the game to practice the children's positive attitude, communication, team work, everyone plays an important role, discover the ability of their own role, to help the team achieve the task!

In the evening, everyone jointly set up tents, organized venues, played board games, listened to music, ate snacks, practiced drums, used quilts to help tents as passages, helped teachers set up tents, etc., enjoying the solitude and leisure of personal secret bases and playing games with everyone. Although the floor is very hard to lie on, it does not affect the fun of playing at all.

In the family time at night, everyone draws the theme of "If I had a house", what do you want in the house? Some people want to live with their family in the future; some people want to live by themselves, but there must be with Jesus; Zic, who has lived in the Agape Children's Home for 10 years, even painted the fireplace in the former Agape Children's Home site!

Afterwards, we used sparkler to replace the campfire. Under the gaze of the sparks, we prayed in our hearts to wish our family and friends to be safe and healthy during the epidemic. We have a happy memory in our mind, and hope to hold it again next time.

When the camping ended, the rain was over too. Looking at the quilts drying in the square, we feel warm in my heart. It rained and it was slightly cool the night before, and there is warm sunshine this morning. I hope that the epidemic will wane as soon as possible, and everyone can show their smiles under their masks!

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