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  My Great-Granny Is My Heaven and Shelter
2022/05/20 | editor

"I hope that in the days to come, Yuriana can grow up in a stable environment." Said the great-grandmother of Yuriana, a child of Mustard Seed Mission's Children Sponsorship program, with tears in her eyes. Her constantly trembling hands held ours tightly, telling the heart-wrenching story of skipped generation parenting.

In a rural tribe in northern Taiwan, an old house loosely fitted with metal eaves is the home of  Yuriana and her great-grandmother. Yuriana was born out of wedlock and her mother was unable to raise her. Leaving little Yuriana behind to be taken care of by her elderly 70-year-old great-grandmother, she left and hasnt been heard from since then.  

Couldn't bear to see her great-granddaughter being abandoned, the great-grandmother took on all the responsibilities of childcare. Due to her advanced age and the scarcity of jobs in a remote village, they only got by with the government's minimum monthly allowance. Knowing their hardship, neighbors would sometimes give them vegetables and fruits. The sweet-natured Yuriana never complains but cherishes and is content with what they have. 

Yuriana is 10 years old and a fourth grade elementary school pupil. Although her family is poorer than her classmates', it didn't dent her self-confidence. She has an outgoing and bubbly personality and is very good at dancing. She would sign up for every performance competition in the school. To share the burden of her great-grandmother, she would help with house chores every day when she came home from school. In the evening, she would take the schoolbooks to the living room on the first floor and accompany her great-grandmother while doing homework on the long table and chairs donated by kind people. Compared to other children her age, she is much mature.

Yuriana's room is on the second floor. Although every item in the room was polished clean and neatly placed, it was difficult to hide the fact that this is an old building desperately needs some tender loving care: the walls were cracked and molded, the windows were in disrepair, the ceiling was damaged, the roof also suffered from leaking that rainwater seeped through the cracks. To say it mildly, this is a living environment which needs to be improved.

It is a common sight in rural villages that poverty and despair in disadvantaged families and skipped generation household are evident. However, in the face of busy everyday life and the pressure of reality, they have no time for self-pity. Through the visit from social workers and the financial assistance from the Mustard Seed Mission, as well as the material provided by the food bank service, Yuriana and her great-grandmother received the help they needed. They are full of gratitude.

Can you imagine that in Taiwan, some children do not have enough to eat, and some cannot get basic education?

Please join us to look after these vulnerable children!


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