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  I Am Doing Well, Please Don't Worry About Me
2022/05/18 | editor

It was Mother's Day a few days ago, reminding Shyla of her mother who had gone to heaven as an angel...

Shyla, who is a 14-year-old girl of the Mustard Seed Mission's Children Sponsorship program, is currently in the final year of junior high school and facing an important choice between further education or employment!

Shyla's parents divorced when she was only 2. After that, her mother took her to live with her maternal grandmother. Due to her limited mobility, her grandmother could only help with by collecting and selling recycled goods and her elderly welfare allowance. The financial burden to support the whole family fell on Shyla's mother who earned little. She had to ride a long way to work in the city every day. What Shyla looked forward to most every day was to wait for her mother to come home from work, and the family could sit together and share their thoughts and the happenings during the day.

Life was hard but they stuck together and were happy. Unfortunately, when Shyla was 9 years old, her mother died in a car accident, leaving behind Shyla and her grandmother. Without her mother, they lost the only bread winner of the family and couldn't afford the rent. Fortunately, there was a kind-hearted neighbor who offered them a place to live, so they could get by-just. When the Mustard Seed Mission learned the predicament of Shyla's family, it helped them to apply for the service of Children Sponsorship program which gives them a monthly allowance. It also paid regular home visits and phone cares to meet the needs of Shyla and her grandmother, accompanying them to overcome difficulties.

After her mother passed away, Shyla, who is well-behaved and independent, took the responsibility of taking care of her grandmother. When she came home from school, she would do the house chores, chat with her grandmother, and looked after her. In school, she is a model student. Not only does she get top grades, but she also gets along well with her classmates. She loves to read and excels academically.

Talking about her thoughts on the future, Shyla said that her dream is to get admitted to a nursing school and become a nurse one day. In addition to helping others, she can also have a stable income to improve her family's economy. She is just worried about the tuition and other fees will be too much for her family, so she is also considering to first work full-time after graduation and then working part-time while studying. The social worker told Shyla not to worry about tuition fee and other costs, they would help her apply for a grant from the Mustard Seed Mission, so that she could study and pursue her goals with peace of mind. Shyla was moved and said to the social worker, "I am so grateful for the help from the Mustard Seed Mission and my sponsor. I would like to help others if I could in the future."

In Taiwan, there are still impoverished families like Shyla's in many rural villages and communities. Many children don't have enough to eat because their families can't afford it while others cannot obtain basic education in a stable environment. Children Sponsorship Program is a service helping these vulnerable children to receive education and grow up safely and happily.

We invite you to act now and join our Children Sponsorship Program


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