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  Campus Disaster Prevention is Fun
2022/05/11 | editor

At the beginning of this year, the Mustard Seed Mission (MSM) cooperated with Shuhe Foundation to combine the disaster prevention education with winter camp activities. With the theme of climate change and the concept of self-protection from disasters, nearly 50 teachers and students learned the correct concept of self-protection and learned to be good citizens who love the earth through games and practical exercises.

This disaster prevention game has a total of four games to explore, and the students would have rich and substantial learning on topics such as earthquakes, fires, climate change, and disaster prevention package preparation. Especially in the level of climate change, the students screamed repeatedly, because as long as they answered the question incorrectly, one of the standing plates under their feet would be pulled out. Through this game, the students deeply realized how precious the land they live in is, and everyone must take good care of the earth.

Through the game, let the children experience the feeling that the living area is gradually reduced due to the rising sea level
Using the nine blocks bingo game, let children learn the correct knowledge of earthquake evacuation.  

Through the lively and interesting experience activities, all the children were very involved in the activities, and even the teachers who lead the team also give feedback to us. Through this disaster prevention education advocacy, they also learned about climate change issues that they did not pay attention to in the past, and updated many misunderstandings about disaster prevention in the past.

Children were taught to practice correct earthquake evacuation movements and learned the reasons for wrong movements
Children were blindfolded and let them experience what they can't see in the fire scene, and learn the escape action in the fire scene - low-position crawling
Children discussed together what should be prepared in the disaster prevention kit.
Disaster prevention education regardless of gender and age needs to be carried out continuously. Especially living in the natural disasters high-risk place like Taiwan, everyone cannot predict whether they may encounter disasters. Thus, it is one of the missions of MSM to build community people with correct knowledge of disaster prevention, and so the disaster prevention education train will continue to run around the entire Taiwan.
Building Community Disaster Resilience in Taiwan

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