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  The 3rd Safe City Carnival Was Held in 4 Places in Taiwan
2020/09/14 | editor

People in the Community are Invited to Build A Safe Home Protection Network Together!

In 2020, COVID-19 rages, and the extreme climate impacted significantly all over the world. The Mustard Seed Mission (MSM) is aware of the importance of disaster prevention in Taiwan, since 2018, MSM started to engage in community disaster prevention training work. Furthermore, MSM holds the "Safe City Carnival" annually to promote disaster prevention knowledge and advocate community mutual aid with local governments and local resources. This year is the third "Safe City Carnival" and it was held in Taipei, Taichung, Pingtung, and Hualien on September 12 at the same time.

This year, natural disasters have happened throughout the world due to climate change. Torrential rains in Kyushu Japan, continuous monsoon rains in China, locust plagues in Africa, and wildfires in California, which have severely affected the lives of local residents. As for Taiwan, most of the urban disasters are typhoons, floods, and earthquakes; when encountering natural disasters, it is easy to cause large-scale disasters in densely populated areas.

Wu Xiaoping, CEO of the Mustard Seed Mission, shared that MSM has devoted in community disaster prevention and relief training. MSM provides preventive advocacy services, establishes correct disaster prevention knowledge and strengthens disaster prevention awareness in the community. She believes that through self-help and mutual aid, the community is able to have 90% survival rate in disasters. Therefore, the Safe City Carnival promotes 7 concepts including "Energy Regeneration", "Environmental Sustainability", "Urban Resilience", "Community Mutual Aid", "Disaster Prevention Education", "Climate Action", and "Ecological Preservation", and calls on communities to work together to create a Safe Home Protective Network to quick response for natural disasters.

Representatives from the government and business joined Wu Xiaoping (Center), CEO of MSM to promote self-help, mutual aid and common good of the community. 

MSM actively participates in community disaster/epidemic prevention work with the goal of building a safe and mutual aid network in Taiwan which requires every citizen’s contribution. MSM launched the "Mustard Seed Community Epidemic Prevention Caring Action" in April, inviting people to take the initiative to care for neighbors, stores, and the disadvantaged by sharing supplies, phone calls, and other caring actions. In addition, 4,165 pandemic supplies have been distributed, and the emergency relief fund was issued to 114 disadvantaged families affected by the epidemic; at the same time, 25 sessions of "Community Epidemic Prevention" workshops were held with the village chiefs, building management committee, and community NPOs and community mutual aid teams were organized. MSM also visited the indigenous tribes to share about epidemic prevention knowledge and cooperated with the Medical Association for Indigenous People of Taiwan to produce 5 epidemic prevention short films in native languages to transform the indigenous tribes become a healthy community.

In response to the epidemic prevention measures, MSM has also designed various interactional games in Safe City Carnivals, hoping the public could gain epidemic prevention and disaster prevention knowledge through interesting educational activities. MSM hopes to build a community mutual aid system to empower more community disaster prevention pioneers to influence and help more people.

 With interactive activities, the public realize the importance of building a safe home
Anti-epidemic games to enhance people’s knowledge of epidemic prevention

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