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  Unlimited Love: A Happy Family for Orphaned Children
2020/09/04 | editor

In response to the lack of children's accommodation in residential facilities and the multiple needs of placed children in New Taipei City, the Mustard Seed Mission is entrusted by the Social Affairs Bureau of the New Taipei City Government to use social housing in "Sanchong" and "Linkou" for family-like care service. Through familization and individualized care, the service creates a home in the community for children with different needs.

With a caring composition of the main caregivers, supporters and companion, family-like care service takes care of children in a family way, including life, health, schooling, morals, cognition, learning and self-reliance aspects. At the same time, we understand and respect children's rights and interests, and focus on the healthy development of their physiology, psychology, behavior, intelligence, and artistic ability.

It is not easy for the main caregivers to live in the social housing and create a comfortable and stable home for the children. Starting from the beginning of this year, MSM continued to promote the family-like care service to our community common good partners and recruit caregivers. It is gratifying that more than 20 members participated in the training course in Q1. Through the intensive 24-hour courses, the lectures shared about Career Personality Aptitude System, Care Services and Placement of Sexual-harassed Children, Prevention and Treatment of Children's Sexual Harassment, Family and Children's Group Counseling, Regulations of Children's Welfare, Special Children Care, Emotional Behavior Care Skill and Children's Physical and Mental Development, etc. From strangers to acquaintances, with the strength of unlimited love, four family care teams were formed and are ready to create a warm home for the abused children in the community.

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Caregiver Training Course

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