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  Empowerment Shorten the Gap Between "Expectation" and "Reality"
2020/09/03 | editor

Lynn decided to take a temporary leave from school due to family issues. She signed up with "Yes, I can. Youth Empowerment Training Program", an intensive program introduced by the Mustard Seed Mission in helping young people seeking for job opportunity.  After finishing the program, Lynn got her first job at a restaurant.  As the job requires face to face with customers, Lynn found herself usually stressed out at work.  With difficulties to adopt to the work environment, she frequently suffered vomit symptom during the break session. As a result, Lynn decided to quit the restaurant job. 

In this January, she revisited the training program. This time, Lynn registered another program called "Career Exploration Camp".  What impressed her the most is career development simulation exercise. At the beginning, individual participant has different role-play, some of whom is from financially better-off families, while others are from less well-established families. The role Lynn played was similar to her own situation. She once believed destiny will never be overturned. Nevertheless, as the game progressed, the results revealed different. Lynn came to realize that the social status given by primary families for a person is not meant to be a decisive factor toward what would potentially evolve over the course of lifetime. On the other hand, there are multiple opportunities lie ahead as long as one can discover and grab them, the efforts would be ultimately rewarded. To this end, Lynn understands the importance of seeing things from a different perspective. 

Lynn joining career exploration camp
Lynn joining career exploration camp

After she finished the career exploration camp training, Lynn registered for another class specifically designed for Caregiver Training. She became an intern in a Nursing Home after she finished training.  The elderly adults at the Nursing Home are with different physical condition; some elders are healthier and can move without an aid, while some require wheeled chair assistance. Moreover, some elders lie down on the bed all day long, while some are unable to take food and require the assistance of nasogastric tube. Over the intern period, Lynn was shocked by various scenes revealing the deterioration of elders' physical condition. She feels life is fragile and can be easily out of control. After the intern, she visited the MSM Day Care Center to serve senior citizens.; elder people there are healthier and sometimes they act like children.  Most of them like to joke around and enjoy exercise.  Lynn feels much happier working there.  She sincerely wishes these lovely elders stay healthy and stay away from sickness. 

Internship after finished the Caregiver Training
Internship after finished the Caregiver Training

Today, Lynn is working at a reputable drink chain store. She is still adjusting herself to fit the job requirements. Social networking ability is an area she has to further develop. Although the working hours are reduced and income is less impressive; Lynn believes she learns more efficiently at an environment with slower pace and less pressure.  

Ever since Lynn joined "Yes, I can. Youth Empowerment Training Program", she was accompanied by the social workers of the Mustard Seed Mission for a year. Lynn was taught how to discover her own strengths to achieve breakthrough in life. Through such valuable companionship, she realized that by squeezing herself toward fast learning is not a smart decision.  On the other hand, she will be better off to walk along her own pace and then pick up the right pace of learning. Only by doing so, Lynn can manage to shorten the gap between "expectation" and "reality".

Lynn participating workshops in Youth-friendly Space
Lynn participating workshops in Youth-friendly Space

The Mustard Seed Community Network witnesses the needs of young people in community. Via the Career Empowerment for Youth, it will help age between 16-24 years old to seek suitable career development and help accumulate constructive work experience.  


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