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  2019 Result Report​ of Empower Disadvantaged children in Taiwan
2020/02/20 | editor
Dear Supports :

Thank you for your support on the Empower Disadvantaged children in Taiwan​ project in 2019!

The Empower Disadvantaged children in Taiwan​ project includes Counseling Program and Self-reliance Training Program in Agape Children's Home and Mustard Seed Youth Home.

Here is the 2019 Result Report from the field:

In Agape Children's Home and Mustard Seed Youth Home, there are many abused children. Violence of any kind causes cyclic, hidden and permanent harm to the growth of children ...We discovered that the majority showed the symptoms of trauma, both physically and psychologically. Therefore, we hope that through professional counseling and art therapy; those children can recover, restore trust toward others and build their self-confidence. 

In addition, around 80% of children need to feed themselves after leaving the residential placements, so career exploration and life skills training are a must service to provide to these children who are going to leave to establish and assist them to face various situations in life and help them to live independently in the future. 

Counseling Program

The Service focuses on… 

Psychological Counseling 


  1. As the consultation progresses, the social worker regularly discusses with counselors to adjust and extend the content, ensuring each counseling to meet the needs. 
  2. Rebuild self-esteem. It can also gradually release emotional stress, increase their mental energy to deal with their own issues, learn emotional control, and reduce external conflicts. 
  3. Topics: Interpersonal relationship, family interaction, Emotional issues, leaving preparation.

Peer( Siblings)  

  • In groups, dealing with siblings to improve the relationship.

Art Therapy 

  1. Recover through the self-disclosure of art therapy.
  2. Improve social skills in the group.
  3. Organize personal life experiences by sharing one’s works.
  4. Topics: Soft material Work, Decoupage, Perler Beads and mask.

Psychological Counseling causes children...

  1. conflicts reduced 
  2. emotions control improvement 
  3. psychological reconstruction
  4. returned to family smoothly  
  5. get along with classmates 

Art therapy causes children...

  1. Self-disclosure and recovery  
  2. Reduce over-sensitivity to others' speech and behavior 
  3. interpersonal interactions improvement 
  4. Reduce mood swings 
  5. In the last class, each member has at least 4 creative works to share and build self-confidence. 

Self-reliance Training Program

The Service focuses on…

Life Skill Training

  1. Starting from knowing the ingredients and learning to buy food on the street, let the teenagers prepare for the life of leaving the residential placements.  
  2. Under the guidance, children learn to purchase seasonal fruits and vegetables, use limited resources to make delicious and ingenious dishes. 
  3. In the self-reliance skill training, children realized that the food they had on their hands was not easy to get. Through that, children have learned to cherish food. They also learned to share food with others! 

Career Exploration and Internship

  1. Providing youth employment-related training and assistance to ensure their employment rights are protected. 
  2. Assisting young people in matching industries that are suitable for them, and improve employment rate and self-value.
  3. Helping children understand their traits on their interpersonally. 

Agape Children's Home

Mustard Seed Children's Home

  1. Children know more about themselves and how to find a job that suits them.
  2. Children who have been employed have high stability and employers are highly satisfied with their performance.
  3. Independent skills have obtained such as budget control, time management, purchasing ingredients, cooking skills, etc.
Thank you again for all you have done to help this cause!

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