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  Early Intervention Service for Abused Children
2020/02/15 | editor

When the abused children are put into the protective placement system, we discovered that the majority showed the symptoms of trauma, both physically and psychologically. Some displayed signs of serious slow development in language, body, and cognition; some have adjustment disorder issues in behavior, learning, and emotions. All these problems need to be addressed through treatment or learning materials so the children have a chance to recover and develop healthily.

Learn how to Interact through Diversified Learning Materials

Most children in placement care are under the age of 6, for those who suffered trauma and have development issues as a result of serious abuse, it is especially urgent to provide adequate resources to the caregivers as well as playing materials for treatment purpose. These learning materials include toys which comfort, resemble real-life objects, serve to attack, establish competence, suitable for role-playing and are capable of stimulating creativity. This is so that the toys can reflect and relate to the traumatic reactions of the abused children. These plays will enable timely treatment to these children within the community without causing them stress and help their recovery.

Self-healing through Playing

Ann (age 2.5), Ray (age 3) and Wing (age 5) were just put into the care of Family-like Placement Institute. After we designed a playing corner and a reading corner according to their different ages, we discovered that children started to explore and concentrated on playing.

Through reading picture books to the children, the carers and the children have bonded very well and the relationship improved greatly. They were mistreated in their own families and showed signs of serious slow development. Screaming and crying were most often their ways to express feelings which caused caregivers great difficulties.

Learn how to Interact with the Help of Learning Materials

Rain was only two weeks old when she suffered serious harm through the negligence of her parents and the ongoing process of hospital treatment began. After 5 year's hospitalization, she finally came to our Family-like Placement Institute.

However, newly discharged from the hospital, family life is a foreign concept to Rain. She dared not to sleep on the bed because there is no protective bed rail like the one she is used to in the hospital, she dared not to walk by herself for fear of falling because she is used to sitting in a wheelchair in the hospital, she is very cautious with her movement when she was playing at home. Her favorite role play almost always ended up as a patient admitted to hospital.

We tried to play with Rain through different toys. Gradually she started to talk more and has more and more words in her disposal. She began to explore and experiment with different ways of playing. Through the interactions with other children, she said she can sleep on her own, go to the toilet on her own, draw pictures on her own and write on her own just like everyone else. Her role-playing stories also became more interesting and diverse.

We hope to provide caregivers more diversified and interesting toys and learning materials in the community, helping children reclaim their colorful childhood through play.

Use of Funds
1. Setting a game room, a reception room, and a counseling room for children
2. Purchasing interactive learning materials, toys, and picture books for children


1. Setting a game room: providing children psychological treatment with game therapy, rebuilding their sense of security and good attachment, and promoting their mental health development.
2. Establishing a recording and monitoring system: Strengthening the safety of treatment space; building private space for children's psychotherapy.
3. Using game therapy equipment: assisting children to re-construct the connection between people and themselves and others and learning emotional management.

Expected Goal

In 2020, it is expected to serve 119 children in the community and the beneficiaries will be 240 persons.​


Support the children together, help them to get rid of their inner pain and let them grow up happily!

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