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  A Breakthrough in Learning
2020/02/06 | editor

Mustard Seed Youth Home launch Diversified Learning Project for children to open up more opportunities in learning for them. Through learning, children are able to know more about their own inner strengths and rich their experiences in life. Children will be put in small groups while learning and teachers will assist children to build up social skills and enhance their social adaptation capacities.

Children in Mustard Seed Youth Home are from dysfunctional families and before they are sent to Youth Home, most of them are drop out of school or delay in education. Therefore, they don't have the motivation to learn and also don't have the confidence in learning. However, Mustard Seed Youth Home has the heart to encourage these children to at least finish the compulsory education.

According to Posner and Vandell (1994) research, after-school care is a way to help vulnerable children to meet the needs of family comfort and guide adolescents on the right path. Thus, Mustard Seed Youth Home set tutoring classes for children and focus on subjects such as Chinese, English, math, natural science, and vocational subjects, etc. to enhance their learning effectiveness and confidence.

In the meantime, we also provide children opportunities to learn talents in order to drive out their potentials and talents such as painting, dancing, drums, bass, electric guitars, keyboards, etc. On the other hand, we hope children can put more attention and energy into sports which is what they are good at. Therefore, we also provide children with basketball, table tennis, swimming, marathon, softball, cycling, football and other sports courses. We hope that children can establish positive attitudes and habits in life through it.


Kevin ran away from home before he came to Youth Home. He was almost absent from his junior high school lessons and also was emotionally sensitive to interact with people. After settling in Youth Home, he is getting brighter and gains more self-confidence under the tutoring teachers’ caring. His school performance is improving. With tutoring teachers’ caring, his heart becomes cleaner and calmer. Kevin is thankful for it.

Through the tutoring, Kevin gradually love to learn
Through the tutoring, Kevin gradually love to learn

Talent Education

Gary is in love with playing electronic guitar. He is full of power when playing it. Gary said, “music is part of my life.” When he plays music, his face is bright and filled with self-confidence and satisfaction.

Gary develops his self-confidence through playing music
Gary develops his self-confidence through playing music

Physical Training

Denny is skinny and is not good at sports. However, cycling is one of the sports he likes. This year, he took part in the cycling activity and ride his bike from Hualien to Taitung which is more than 185 km in 3 days. The strength and conditioning training leveled up his strength and broke through the limitations of his own. Denny said, “the view throughout the journey is significant and gorgeous, and to overcome the challenge is a milestone to me."

The cycling training bring a breakthrough to Denny
The cycling training bring a breakthrough to Denny

Looking for the Destiny

Sam came to Mustard Seed Youth Home when he was 10. In the beginning, he needed others' assistance to control his behaviors and emotions in many ways. Over the years, he has improved on his school performances and learning habits because Mustard Seed Youth Home brings in professional resources and tutoring services. He now often asks for teachers’ help in order to have more understanding of each subject and get more knowledge. Sam wishes he could be the role model of his younger brother and together fight for the future.

Sam is grateful for teachers’ help
Sam is grateful for teachers’ help


Under a positive learning circumstance,
children are able to generate self-confidence and reach some achievements
as well as to open up their opinion of views and learn to adjust, challenge themselves
in order to cultivate life capabilities to face the future.

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