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  Build Children's Capacities to Face the Future
2020/02/05 | editor
Happy Summer Camp
Happy Summer Camp

Most children in Agape Children's Home are from dysfunctional families, they often have low-confidence and get lost to their future. We believe every child gets different talents and potentials. Diversified Learning Project is for children to find their own way to learn and experience lives and discover their talents and strengths through talent learning, career exploration and experience, summer camp, etc. Through the project, children are able to build up positive life experiences through overcoming many challenges. The way could help them to generate the capacities to face the future.

Try to take bus on their own to the destination
Children try to take bus on their own to the destination

Talent Learning

Every Sunday afternoon, the singing of the choir, the sound of the piano, and the laughter of the children who are in-line skating are filled in the Agape Children’s Home. Through continuous learning of the talents, children have found their own interests, taking part in some tests or competitions, participating in activities and performances, expressing emotions in life, etc. Talent learning allows children to build self-confidence while learning different talents so that children can learn and experience in different ways from life, which is another opportunity for development.

Children discover their talent and build self-confidence in learning
Children discover their talent and build self-confidence in learning

Summer Camp

In the Diversified Learning Project, a summer camp for children will be launched every year. During the camp, children are able to challenge themselves and experience life outside of Children’s Home. In the camp, we build up the self-reliance capacities of the children such as planning, budget management, interpersonal interaction, etc. The camp facilitators will assist children to rethink themselves and capture suitable thinking and expressing ways in life in order to adjust the way they treat people.

Learn how to plan a camp activity
Learning how to plan a camp activity
Building communication skill during team work
Building communication skill during team work

Change! Just Do it!

Sean is a clavier child. He also has his own strong opinion. Sometimes, he will get mad and offense others. He was assigned as a vice team leader in the summer camp and co-work with a calm and thoughtful team leader. Sean was impatient with the team leader and often handled things one his own without telling the team leader or overstep team leader’s authority even he knew he has to follow the team leader’s order.

Children overcome every task together in the camp
Children overcome every task together in the camp

When the team leader was lost or in a dilemma, Sean as a vice team leader didn’t have much communication with the team leader. At that time, the facilitator got involved between them and guide the team leader and vice team leader to find a way out.

During the process, Sean did his best to complete the missions and adjust his way to deal with all the out-of-order behaviors of his team members. In the beginning, he got angry with the team members but then he tried to gently communicate with them in the end. It is great progress in his expression and interaction with people.

Positive learning environment influence children in a good way
Positive learning environment influence children in a good way


Under a positive learning circumstance,
children are able to generate self-confidence and reach some achievements
as well as to open up their opinion of views and learn to adjust, challenge themselves
in order to cultivate life capabilities to face the future.

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