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  Take Care of Children's Mental Health
2020/01/14 | editor

When children come to children's home, we often see that children's development comparing to the same age, such as psychology, intelligence, language, cognition, and self-identification, is obviously inadequate. And it causes many explicit negative behaviors.

Therefore, in addition to caring and companionship, we will also use professional art and game therapies to help children deal with psychological hurts, so that they are able to have the opportunity to face the hurt deep inside their heart and be healed. The approach will reduce the child's psychological trauma and find their own motivation to stand up from the darkness.

Most children experienced a lot of negative experiences and emotional trauma before placed in the children's home which affected the children's self-cognition, self-worth, and physical and mental development. Children will have the chance to deal with their inner hurt through therapies and counseling.

Enhance Children's Self-awareness

Through one-on-one counseling, the counselor will help the children to understand themself, their emotions, and guide their feelings according to the characteristics and abilities of the child's state by using conversation, eye movement therapy, or game therapy, etc. to help the children to describe their mood and stress.
We had encountered a child who once painted a limb that looks like a crab, waving his teeth and dancing claws, and facing others with a weapon. Reading messages from the painting, he started to think about what he looks like in life, why he looks like this, and what he wants to be in the future. The counselor took him to discuss how he can get along with himself and others, guide him step by step, and then slowly make changes in his life.

Strengthen Children's Mind

We look forward to helping children to be transformed from negative self-cognition to positive social and intrinsic values. We also hope children to capture the abilities to properly handle interpersonal interactions, to clarify their own emotions state and behavior mode, to correctly deal with negative labels made by others or themselves, and to well-reconcile the family relationships. During the counseling process, we hope to help the children to find a way to reduce the internal pain and powerlessness and enhance their internal motivation and self-value.

Develop Self-confidence and Interpersonal Interaction Ability

Xiao-Yi, a junior in junior high school, is good at logic exercises and also very good at math. He has great achievements and confidence in arithmetic reasoning, but he is not good at expressing internal thoughts and feelings. It is easy for him to generate misunderstandings with others. He couldn't well handle the relationship with others. When encountering difficulties, or expectations that cannot be expressed and fulfilled, he will be angry and offensive which will easily lead him to more problems and conflicts.

Therefore, we arranged a counselor for Xiao-Yi and set individual counseling sessions many times. Through games, painting therapy, interviews, he finally knew how to slowly express his thoughts or find a way to change his mood while things did not meet his expectations. A half-year later, Xiao-Yi’s expression is improving. He narrows down the negative expressions and he is more willing to explain his thoughts to the caregiver. Although he still occasionally has emotional and negative behavior, we all know that he is in the transformed progress in a positive way.

Use of Funds
1. psychological counselor fees
2. teaching material fees

In the project, professional psychological counselors in different fields will be invited according to the children's various conditions and needs, including art therapy, eye movement therapy, family therapy, game therapy, counseling interviews.
This project is expected to arrange for every child who needs psychological counseling

  1. 10-24 times of counseling
  2. After every 6-8 times of counseling with children, counseling meetings are regularly held by counselors, social workers, childcare teachers, and the president

to understand the general situation of children's counseling, and to help the staff of the resettlement institution to perform the further services and care to the children.

Expected Goal

  1. Assist 32-34 children and adolescents in Agape Children's Home, Mustard Seed Youth Home, and community resettlement institutions.
  2. Estimated to provide 591 hours of counseling.


Support the children together, help them to get rid of their inner pain and let them grow up happily!

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