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  I am Single, but I Have 2 Children to Take Care
2019/05/13 | editor

Find a way to take care the vulnerable children

Sponsor/Mrs. Chen


My siblings and I are raised up by mother alone. Three years ago, my sister took me to the Agape Children 's Home as a volunteer for summer camp. I saw many children whose lives are more difficult than mine, suddenly I realized how blessed I was to have mother taking care of me in my childhood. This experience influenced me to be a sponsor of the Mustard Seed Mission afterwards. Although I am single, I have 2 children in Hualien and Kaohsiung which I have sponsored. I encourage them to study hard and help those in need in the future.

My sister and I are close and she treats me very well. Two years ago, during summer vacation, she volunteered in the Agape Children's Home and invited me to deliver supplies together. "You can use your own way to care for the children in need." she said to me. So I learned through the Internet that the Agape Children's Home is an out-of-home care institute for vulnerable children, established by the Mustard Seed Mission. Not only for the children in the Agape Children's Home, the Mustard Seed Mission helps and sponsors vulnerable children  in local community all over Taiwan.    

In my original imagination, I expected to sponsor a child who lives closer to me so I can visit him easily, or a young aged child that my sponsorship can last longer. Eventually, the sponsored children live far away in the east and south of Taiwan. Surprisingly, the 2 children had similar life experience as my brother and me, what a coincidence! 

Read over the children’s letters, I always feel happy and joyful
Read over the children’s letters, I always feel happy and joyful

The child who lives in Hualien is in his 10s. He studies in Food and Beverage Department just like me. He likes to play basketball and is taken care of by his grandparents. The fourth grade boy in Kaohsiung is in his rebellious phase. I was surprised by the similarity between him and my brother. Since no one has written to me for a long time, I am very happy every time I receive a letter from the children. Between the interactions, I found that they all have a grateful heart.

Last year, when a major earthquake struck Hualien, I immediately thought about whether the children in Hualien would be affected. I called the Mustard Seed Mission and asked them to help understand the situation of the sponsored family. Fortunately, the family lived in a remote mountain area and was not affected by the earthquake.

Sponsoring a child for $35 USD per month, the burden is not big, but it has a profound impact on the child. I do financial management, such as shopping less every month, thinking clearly before buying, having less expensive meals, etc., help them within the scope of my abilities, and feel very happy every time! 

However, I feel that the power of one person is still not enough. I let my friends around me know that it is very important to sponsor a child. At present, three friends of mine are sponsors of The Mustard Seed Mission like me. I hope that my younger brother will become less rebellious, be filial to my mother and also be a sponsor in the future.

Hope the children will achieve themselves and bless the others in the future
Hope the children will achieve themselves and bless the others in the future

In fact, I used to feel inferior, but later I found out that it was just my own thought. I hope that the sponsored children can change their minds: don't feel worse than others; grow up well, have the opportunity to achieve themselves, bless the others, use their strength to help people in the future.

The Mustard Seed Mission is grateful to every caring sponsor. Thank you for your love and together we love more vulnerable children. May is a month of Mother's day and thanksgiving. The Mustard Seed Mission wishes all the mothers to be happy and sincerely invites you to join the relay for blessing the needy children.

$35USD per month

Sponsor one child to grow up with Joy and Peace!



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