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  Sharing the Love to Bless more Children
2019/05/07 | editor

During the interview of our sponsor Fang, she shared positive energy with a bright smile on her face. We could not believe that she had just experienced divorce, job-hunting pressure and countless reality obstacles.

Let more children be blessed!

5 years ago, I(Fang) started another sponsorship of a needy child and knew that I was pregnant. This really made a big difference of me thinking about sponsorship: I am sure that my child would be blessed and loved, but there are so many needy children that requires more love to make them blessed. 

Not only loving her own child, Fang wants to share the love other vulnerable children
Not only loving her own child, Fang wants to share the love other vulnerable children

Dedication is a blessing

When I was young, my family received donation receipts quite often. My family was not rich, yet my parents have been donating money continuously. This buried a seed deep in my heart that I decide I want to help people in need when I grow up.

After I got married, I was busy with my husband for his business and worried about our financial condition. But, when I chose to make regular donation for the vulnerable children, the business problems had begun to improve. It is really incredible!

Being a money steward is very important. With 1,000 NTD donation per month, one needy child can live for a month. It is a wonderful thing to increase the value of money. Devotion itself is actually a blessing. By sponsoring children and using money to help them every month, life is meaningful!

Bit by bit, life is changing!

I once received a thanksgiving letter from a sponsored child expressing his gratitude and saying that he wants to help the vulnerable after he grows up. I was so touched by his maturity and thoughtfulness because I knew his live is changing bit by bit just like all the other sponsored children's lives.

Fang blesses all the sponsored children to receive love and give love in the future.
Fang blesses all the sponsored children to receive love and give love in the future

Live the fullness of life

I want to share with the sponsored children: God loves you, God loves me, and I love you. The love I have received is broad and deep, no matter what happens, it will not change. Giving is more blessed than receiving. Helping others is a good thing. What is even better? To help others after you've received assistance!

Because of love, happiness is always around!

On the day that Fang shared her story with us, her little 5-year-old son clung to her tightly. Though she just got divorced recently and worried about tremendous life changes and the burden of regular donation, yet God has opened another window for her. Fang said: "This courage makes me face the future boldly, not afraid of hard work and giving myself more confidence!"

The Mustard Seed Mission is grateful to every caring sponsor. Thank you for your love and together we love more vulnerable children. May is a month of Mother's day and thanksgiving. The Mustard Seed Mission wishes all the mothers to be happy and sincerely invites you to join the relay for blessing the needy children.

$35USD per month

Sponsor one child to grow up with Joy and Peace!



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