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  {Community Service} When We Are Together – BBQ party in the community
2017/01/05 | editor

MSM family service center in Taoyuan host a BBQ party for the community. The purpose of this party was to positively develop the parent-child relationship. There were 31 households, total 195 people participated. Participants have learned how to build a healthy family and take responsibility of it. It also created shared memories of parents and children.

In the beginning, social worker taught about how to deal with the high-risk issues. After that, family members prepared the food, started a fire, and barbecued together. This increased the chance for parents and children to work together. During the BBQ party, MSM staffs were leading fun games for parents and children. Besides, family members enjoyed Karaoke lots. In the end of the party, family members cleaned up the field together. Parents led their children to do the clean-up; it set a good example of participation.

In the party, parents and children treasured the chance of cooperation and the time to have one another. Every participant felt delightful and they would like to participate this kind of events again because it truly helped them to develop the family relationship and increase the connection between parents and children. Through this event, they were also able to release pressure. MSM will serve family in various ways in order to help and develop family relations and functions.


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