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  {Pei-Hsin Home} The Sweetest Handmade Gift
2016/12/30 | editor

Gary is a 13 years old boy; he is more skinny than other boys. In the beginning in Pei-Hsin Home, Gary was crying out loud and wanted to go home. Few days passed, after teacher's guidance, Gary opened his heart, smiled, and started to talk to other boys in Pei-Hsin Home.
Gary keeps his sister and brother on his mind. Every time when teacher delivers presents, he will ask two more for his sister and brother. He is such a thoughtful person. Gary also likes handy crafts. One day, in handy craft class, he put himself into the craft world with joy. He also wanted to create more handy crafts for his sister and brother as gifts. "They will be very happy when they see these crafts." Gary said.
After Gary finished all the crafts for his sister and brother, I thought he was going to clean up. Suprisingly, he started to make a new one and handed it to me. These are one colorful star and one big smile. "These are for you, teacher." Gary said, "I hope you smile like this every day." I saw Gary's happy face and the feeling was beyond my words. This is the sweetest gift I'd ever had. It is simple, but sweet heart


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