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  Learning Music is No longer a Dream
2016/12/30 | editor

Pan is one of our sponsored children. Pan's father has clinical depression but still works hard for his two children. Because Pan's father often leaves early and returns home late for work, Pan and his sister always stay home and handle dinner by themselves. Once Pan and his sister start going church, the church becomes their second home.

One time, Pan saw a young man playing guitar during worship, he wished one day he could play guitar like the young man. However, he knew that he couldn't make it because his family cannot afford him to play any music…

The pastor's wife knew Pan's desire, so she applied for MSM's talent program and conducted a guitar program for children. She hoped vulnerable children can learn talents, stimulate potentials, and have fun through the program.

Pan treasured the chance to learn guitar, so he didn't miss any lesson. He was one who practiced the most and he never stopped practice even his fingers had calluses. After 4 months, Pan already can play a whole song before crowds. It is happy to see that Pan plays guitar with confidence.

MSM helps many children in remote villages to learn talents and skills by talent program. There are so many children who have potentials on dance and music but they don't have enough resources to get connections or have the chances to learn it. If we could help them to get connections to various resources, they were able to shine in the sky. Join the talent program with us. Together support remote village children to explore the world.


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