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  {Sponsorship} Overcomer – Penny, MSM Sponsored Child
2016/12/10 | editor

Penny's birth mom left the family when Penny was little. Penny's father didn't have a stable job so he also didn't want to take care of Penny. Penny's stepmother only takes care of her own daughter, so Penny is raised by her grandma. Penny's grandma is too old to have a decent job, so she couldn't afford living supplies for Penny. After church reached out to Penny's family, the church applied MSM financial subsidy in order to reduce the financial burden of Penny's family. Penny also goes to church's after-class tutoring to do her homework.

Penny is nice and mature. She not only helps her grandma to do chores, but also gets great performance in school. Her teacher recommended her to the school she is studying now. Due to her brilliant performance in school, she wins scholarship each semester. By all means of the scholarship, she doesn't need to pay tuition and she even is able to share the family burdens.

Penny goes to church's after-class tutoring

Penny earned a chance to study abroad during summer vacation sponsored by her school. It was her dream comes true. The study tour made her own mind to head to her goal. She hopes she could go to good university and study foreign languages and trade in order to work in foreign companies or be a language teacher.

MSM supports many vulnerable children and youths and helps them to make their dream comes true. There are still many children and youths struggle in the reality, MSM invites you to join us to make their dream comes true.


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