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  A Wonderful New Year Gift for Children
2016/12/27 | editor

"When I was adopted, my parents picked me up from the hospital and I was not in an incubator… I had been born 2 months premature. They were told later, that if I had not received the proper medical care, it is likely that I would not have lived.”

43 years ago, in Hualien, Taiwan, Julia was adopted and her life changed. Julia had been born 2 months premature and the Mustard Seed Mission Taiwan (MSM) was there when Julia needed them. They saw a need in the community & put "ACTION" to help with the need. It wasn't until Julia was about 40 years old that she heard about MSM. She learned that it is the organization which helped her to have a great start in life.

Due to the "MUST DO ACTION" provided by MSM at that time for Julia 43 years ago, she now has her own sweet family. Julia is so grateful and is willing to do more to help MSM to serve needy children. She hopes that together we could help to transform the lives of disadvantaged children. To help to give them hope for the future, just as she was given this chance at life so long ago.

2017 MUST ACT – Run for Kids

The MUST ACT PROPOSE: Supporting needy children and Walking with them!

Agape Children's Home was established in 1957 and has been running for 60 years. Staffs and children are afraid of typhoon and earthquake due to the houses and facilities are too old and weak. The physical and mental development which occurs during childhood, are fundamental years of growth. At the Agape Children's home, we wish to fill these important years of life with love and support. We work to give the children of Taiwan a great start in life, just as Julia received over 40 years ago.

Julia hopes to raise funds to help provide for the children that live at the Agape Children's Home. In February, she will participate in the Mercedes Marathon in her current home state of Alabama, USA. She wishes the event is able to help raise the money needed to reconstruct the Agape Children's Home in order to offer more and safer space to the children and to serve more needy children and families.

Chinese New Year is coming

In this warm Chinese New Year, I would like to invite you to think about these children in Agape Children’s Home and give them some encouragement.
Join us and together Run for Kids…
Perhaps you would consider
heart participating in the 2017 MUST ACT event to RUN for KIDs or
heart supporting the children's home by giving a donation
heart sharing this event with your friends!
Your Action is able to change more needy children's lives in Taiwan!

Your friend,

The Mustard Seed Mission


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