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Give A Kid a Chance to Study and Turn His Life Around
2021/02/08 | editor
For Holmer's father, it is not easy to support the whole family for one year as well as raising children with only the income from the annual harvest of bamboo shoots.

i-ro i-ro Children's Home Family Day
2021/02/08 | editor
All the children under care, their parents and the caregivers of i-ro i-ro Children’s Home gathered together to discover and understand the meaning of "home"

Cycling without Fear
2021/02/08 | editor
Every step of cycling forward with every effort is like breaking through the plight of one's own life.

Cross-Generational Bonding
2021/02/08 | editor
The visit to granny gave kids opportunity to enjoy interacting with senior citizen. Also, it's chance to see that the children have grown more mature and were

A Little Wish to Survive Hard Times
2021/02/08 | editor
"I don't have anything else I want too much… I just hope that mom and I can both have enough food..." shared 8th grade Joshua. 

Learn to Live Without Complaining
2021/02/08 | editor
Due to poverty and physical incapability to raise Jude, his grandparents had to choose to let the boy to be placed,  hoping he can have enough food and good care. Joushua

Sing on Your Own Stage of Life
2021/02/08 | editor
Let the children learn from standing on the stage, even if there is no one to accompany them, they can support themselves to overcome fear by deep feeling of their own existence

Community Disaster Prevention Training in Hunei District, Kaohsiung City
2021/02/08 | editor
"It's the first time I participated in the community's autonomous disaster prevention training. I know that the actual situation will be more complicate

The Reunion Dinner where Love Flows
2021/02/08 | editor
Layla shared that, this is the first time she has received a red envelope. For her, red envelopes represent more than money; a blessing card inside the red envolop

New Year Greetings Amid the Pandemic
2021/02/05 | editor
The MSM sponsored children in Cambodia, India and Nepal wrote Christmas cards to the sponsors one by one, thanked them for their support over the past year, and reported their s

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你要盡心、盡性、盡 意、盡力愛主 ─ 你的神。其次就是說:要愛人如己。(馬可福音12章30-31節)

You must love the Lord your God with all your heart, with all your being, with all your mind, and with all your strength. The second is this, You will love your neighbor as yourself. (Mark 12:30-31)


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