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Divorced Chinese Single Parent Hurt By Domestic Violence, Still Teaching Her Children To Give Back To Society
2021/11/24 | editor
Suffering from domestic violence and going through divorce, Xiu Mei didn't even have any money when she left home.  But she still courageously filed divorce, domest

Accompanying and Supporting After the Disaster Make the Road to Reconstruction Not Lonely
2021/11/24 | editor
When natural disasters or accidents happen to disadvantaged families and lead the family to economic difficulties, emergency relief funds can alleviate the urgent economic pressur

What Will You Think of Me If I Enroll and then Drop Out?
2021/11/15 | editor
For children at MS Youth Home are expected to achieve self-reliance prior to leave foster care. They have to deliberate about their future at an earlier age than thei

The Little Artists
2021/11/15 | editor
At the end of the class, everyone created his or her own beautiful painting with fluid acrylic. Each classroom experience was full of pleasure and great memories for both the teac

Responding to Disasters is Urgent
2021/11/15 | editor
Typhoon Chanthu brought heavy rain to Jianshi Township in Hsinchu County on September, causing a large slope collapse and landslide, which formed a dammed lake in Xiuluan Village

Spreading Warmth During the COVID-19 Pandemic
2021/11/08 | editor
"Mustard Seed Community Network" of the Mustard Seed Mission has been helping these invisible financially poor families for a long time, paying special attention to

Glimmer in the Dark Night—Women's Equality in Overseas Assistance Services
2021/11/08 | editor
Since the beginning of the withdrawal of US troops in May this year, the concerning situation of women and girls has never been stopped in Afghanistan...

Looking Forward to The Family Reunion
2021/10/26 | editor
A few months ago, Gordon's family went through an unfortunate event which forced them to become homeless and live in a park. 

Slowly Crawling, the Little Snail Still Enjoys the Taste of Growing Up
2021/10/07 | editor
15-year-old Champion, who is suspected of having marginal intelligence, is weak in understanding and learning things. He also doesn't know how to interact with people in t

Youngsters Got Hands-on Experience as a Construction Painter
2021/10/07 | editor
MS Youth Home proposed to renovate their dwellings on their own and experienced a different working experience.

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