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The Creativity and Confidence from rural talent classes
2017/09/10 | editor
Because of the gap between urban and rural areas and the uneven distribution of resources, children in rural areas are more lack of opportunities to learn talent than those in urb

Let the music accompany our next generation for their life symphony
2017/09/10 | editor
"Grooving Movements" The diversified talent subsidy program was originated from the Mustard Seeds Mission. It was created in order to cultivate children and juvenile

Mr. Hamburger, here you come again!
2017/09/10 | editor
This summer, everyone lives in Hualien Youth Home were expecting to see that truck and that big brother, the owner come again this year.  Children were so happy to see tha

SDG 3: Good Health And Well-Being
2017/08/31 | editor
Health and Well-Being matter a lot to our lives. With the expectation that children can grow up healthy and happy, we put many efforts in managing a child-friendly environm

Yes, I Can Do It
2017/08/11 | editor
The Mustard Seed Mission South reginal service center conducted a camp "Yes, I Can Do It!" for 60 vulnerable children and youths. Through the camp, they hav

Share Food! Love Neighbors! Care People!
2017/08/10 | editor
One of community foodbank's worker found a 90-year-old grannie who lives alone in a small renting room. The workers visit the grannie regularly, they talk to her and

A Good Life for Children!
2017/08/09 | editor
Tree Climbing is a Challenge for children! It requires courage and trusted partners! David took a leap of faith! He will take this faith to face the future challenges and

SDG 8: Decent Work And Economic Growth
2017/08/01 | editor
How to inspiring underprivileged youths to get ready for their future? Career training could be one way; an interesting career training combine with adventure program and natural

Love School in the Community
2017/07/27 | editor
India is a country with a strong advantage in economic growth. However, its gap between city and remote countryside still exists. To be surprised, even in big city, you can see

“Don’t cry Lang-Lang” The meaning of Respecting Life
2017/07/11 | editor
Children from Agape Children's Home visited a famous pets halfway house "Don't cry Lang-Lang". Children have learned the meaning of respecting life from

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