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{Mustard Seed Youth Home} Together to a movie!
2017/02/15 | editor
Before every Chinese New Year, the mayor of Hualien County treats the kids from the Mustard Seed Youth Home to a meal or to a movie. It was a gathering last year, so it's

Hope under Lily flower – Ting’s Story
2017/02/15 | editor
As MSM social workers noticed there were two teenagers picking Lily flowers under the giant sun, naturally, MSM social workers exited the car and ask the direction to Ting&rsquo

Chinese New Year Family Reunion, A Blessing for Vulnerable Families
2017/02/15 | editor
The Mustard Seed Mission is so thankful that MSM Community service centers are working so hard to take care of these vulnerable families and children.

2017 MUST ACT - Run for Kids
2017/02/15 | editor
Many families and friends join the running event and ran altogether for the kids in the Agape Children's Home! Julia said "This is been one of the most fulfilling th

"It's cold outside, but my heart is warm."
2017/02/03 | editor
This is my greatest thought while training for the Mercedes Marathon. ~Julia Freeman Davis

{Children's Home} Working Hard for Kids
2017/02/02 | editor
Recently MSM conducted an inner evaluation for children's home. The social workers, home teachers, and supervisors of Agape Children's Home and the Mustard Seed You

{Community Service} When We Are Together – BBQ party in the community
2017/01/05 | editor
MSM family service center in Taoyuan host a BBQ party for the community. The purpose of this party was to positively develop the parent-child relationship.

2016 Review of the Vocational Training Center
2017/01/03 | editor
In 2016, the Vocational Training Center conducted 2 employment training programs for 21 youths. There were 16 people finished the internship program and won a job.

Learning Music is No longer a Dream
2016/12/30 | editor
MSM helps many children in remote villages to learn talents and skills by talent program. It helps vulnerable children can learn talents, stimulate potentials, and have fu

{Pei-Hsin Home} The Sweetest Handmade Gift
2016/12/30 | editor
Gary is a 13 years old boy; he is thinner than other boys. In the beginning in Pei-Hsin Home, Gary was crying out loud and wanted to go home.

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