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Taipei Times: Mustard Seed Mission teams up with Citi Foundation to invest in the 'Yes, I Can Youth Employment and Empowerment' initiative
2020/10/26 | editor
The "Yes, I Can Youth Employment and Empowerment" initiative has helped 377 students to find jobs over the past three years.

The Light of Hope is Alive Within 4 Bare Walls
2020/10/19 | editor
"Granny, where is my mom? When will daddy be back and pick me up?" Those were the questions Jay often had in his heart, and the questions which his elderly

After Tsunami, People are Suffering from Covid-19 Impact
2020/10/19 | editor
When the pandemic outbreak began, the Mustard Seed Mission contacted our local partners in Palu, Indonesia, to have an idea of the impact of the pandemic...

6 Life Lessons Teenagers Must Learn
2020/10/13 | editor
The Mustard Seed Mission (MSM) and Citi Foundation have seen young people's needs for future career planning, and so launched "Yes, I can. Youth Employment Empowe

Hands-On Experience is So Fun!
2020/10/12 | editor
The children's long-planned "Operation to Renew the Old Iron Cabinet" is officially launched. Everyone is gearing up and can't wait. 

Upgrading Caregiving Capability: Talk About "Sex" Easily with Teenagers
2020/10/12 | editor
The Mustard Seed Mission held an on-the-job training course about sex education of teenagers for the caregivers of i-ro i-ro Children's Home. 

A Change of Mindset
2020/10/08 | editor
In one cold dark night, Richard was wandering alone the street. He came to Pei-Hsin Home for an urgent protection. Most of the time, Richard was crying in his room.

Long-Lost Nature, a Longing Outing
2020/10/07 | editor
The teenagers went on an outing and relive the mountains, ocean, and fresh air in eastern Taiwan on a sunny weekend.

Community Self-initiated Disaster Prevention Training Activity in Kaohsiung City
2020/10/05 | editor
The activities ranged from the observation of global disasters to the understanding of disaster risks in Taiwan, focusing on possible risks in the living environment of the commun

The Happy Summer Vacation for Agape Children's Home!
2020/09/21 | editor
The teachers in the Agape Children's Home, loving the children as their parents, gave the children a wonderful summer vacation this year. 

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