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Art Feast of Life Stories
2019/06/19 | editor
"My parents had a matrilocal marriage; due to the fact that I am the oldest one in the family, I have to take on my mother's last name. My father has been detached

Reunion Between Sponsors and Sponsored Children
2019/06/11 | editor
Throughout the reunion event, we’ve seen that some children have changed because of the caring and accompany they received. The feelings and changes in those conversations

Community Disaster Prevention Starts with Social Workers
2019/06/11 | editor
If we are willing to devote more into disaster preventions, we can maximize the degree of safety while minimizing the human resources required for disaster relief.

Points Can Help! Join Food Bank in a New Way
2019/05/24 | editor
A pin a day is great a year. Donate one’s membership rewards points, it would become a great amount if everyone does the same! 

Mustard Seed Youth Contribute to Community
2019/05/24 | editor
Through Diversified Learning Project, Mustard Seed Youth Home provides teens a variety of opportunities to learn, developing themselves.

I am Single, but I Have 2 Children to Take Care
2019/05/13 | editor
Sponsoring a child for only $35 USD per month, the burden is not big, but it has a profound impact on the child. 

Sharing the Love to Bless more Children
2019/05/07 | editor
Being a single mother, Fang chose to share her love with the needy children with a pure dream: make more children happy just like her beloved son.

Angel Chef of PEI-HSIN HOME
2019/04/30 | editor
Have expectation for life again For several reasons, I was taken away from home and lived at an institute when I was little. I did not like the way the institute treated me

One Day Trip to Tamsui and Bali with Agape Children’s Home
2019/04/30 | editor
The Magical Museum During the holidays, the kids from Agape Children’s Home and us visited the Shihsanhang Museum of Archaeology in Bali and Tamsui Old Street toget

Provide a Warm and Lovely Environment for Children’s Growth
2019/04/03 | editor
Miao is skinny and always eats junk foods. She feels insecure without her parents' accompany, so she stays with her brother everyday. She is introverted. With my accompany

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