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A Dream Came True Christmas
2019/12/09 | editor
When Zhi chose to give up the dream of having a pair of sneakers and gave his grandma an oven instead…a miracle happened.
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Agape Children’s Home
Innocent Smiles
2019/12/06 | editor
The cute and innocent smiles of the kids seem to enable to conquer all the obstacles of life. Their smiles shine like a sun as if they are carefree and genuinely joyful. 
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Community-Based Family Service
Mapping Out the New Lives of Immigrants
2019/12/06 | editor
The new immigrants openly shared their thoughts and answered questions freely. There were definitely a lot of laughter and some tears during the session as they recall how they rea
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Mustard Seed Youth Home
Joy of Learning at the Mustard Seed Youth Home
2019/12/06 | editor
Big thanks to National Dong Hwa University students, who have accompanied children in the Mustard Seed Youth Home...
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Certification for ISO 9001 for Quality Management at the Mustard Seed Mission
2019/12/06 | editor
In July 2019, the Mustard Seed Mission became the first non-profit organisation in Taiwan to be certified ISO 9001.
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Pei-Hsin Home
Pei-Hsin Home, a Home accompanies and comforts
2019/12/06 | editor
When he encountered questions that he didn't want to answer, he would open his "squinted eyes" wide, signaling us that "stop asking! "


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Volunteer Team in Palu - Condu
Day 4 in Palu area, the Mustard Seed Mission volunteer team went to two primary schools in the city to conduct earthqua
Drills Allow Us to Face Disast
Taiwan is the rated as No.1 of high natural disasters risks, due to our geographical location and geological str
Empowerment for Employment: C
My first job in social work was to empower the youth by enhancing their employability skills. "Catching these chi
A Heavy Stress for Ping's Fam
"I am reluctant to bring the bill back home , I am afraid , no matter how hard my parents keep working , we ju
Hooray!! We Made It!
In the dream action plan, we saw the transformations on these youths, which has positive impacts on their future emplo


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