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Community Food Bank
"Love. Sharing Refrigerator"
2019/10/17 | editor
A Community Fridge is a refrigerator located in a public space. It enables food to be shared within a community, anyone can put food in and anyone can take food out. The main aim
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Community-Based Family Service
Training Children to Be Disaster Protection Pioneers
2019/10/15 | editor
The children realized that disasters will not only occur in specific places but also in their own living environment and areas. How to coexist peacefully with nature?
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Helping the New Immigrants Integrate into Taiwanese Culture Faster
2019/10/15 | editor
"Hello, is this New Immigrants Service Center? My wife just came to Taiwan. Is there a Chinese class?"
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Sponsorship for Overseas Child
Learning by doing! The life feast for children in Nepal
2019/10/14 | editor
The local cooperative organization also hold various activities for the children to join after school, including health check, sports, talent show, and art craft… etc.
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Community Food Bank
Sharing Love through Community Refrigerators
2019/10/02 | editor
The Mustard Seed Mission will continue the spirit of food banks through "Zero food wastage! Establish a network of hunger-free community."
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Media News
The Mustard Seed Mission Holds Safe City Carnivals to Promote Community Disaster Prevention
2019/09/21 | editor
Today is the 20th anniversary of the 921 earthquake (September 21, 1999), and this year is also the 10th anniversary of the Typhoon Morakot. The Mustard Seed Mission participat



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With youth unemployment figures soaring worldwide, the Mustard Seed Mission in 2017 joined hands with Citibank for the
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Yu grew up in a single-parent family with her mother. They had a really close relationship.  Unfortunately, her
Love Neighbor and Give Back!
Every month, children in Mustard Seed Youth Home will grab their brooms and dustpans and go on the street to do the cle


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