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Community-Based Family Service
Caring about the marine ecology! Beach cleanup action of i-ro i-ro Children's Home
2020/12/03 | editor
Holding an iron clip in one hand and a garbage bag in the other, walking back and forth on the beach; beach cleaning activity not only achieves the purpose of prote
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Community-Based Family Service
An Opportunity to Carry on Someone's Dream
2020/12/03 | editor
Samuel, who grew up in a financially disadvantaged environment, never complained, but spontaneously became independent.  Hoping to help reduce the financial burden of fam
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Mustard Seed Youth Home
The Spirit of Wheat Demonstrated by Rural Youngsters
2020/12/03 | editor
In the Mustard Seed Youth Home, the annual bicycle riding camp is one of the most anticipated activities for teenagers. Since last year, a task that teenagers have never t
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Pandemic Prevention Not Equal to Social Isolation! Social Distancing and Staying Socialized are Equally Important
2020/12/02 | editor
The pandemic outbreak is damaging family harmony as well as bringing negative impact to individuals both from physically and psychologically perspective.Most of the normal daily ro
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Pei-Hsin Home
Be the Beacon of Your Life
2020/12/02 | editor
 "When can I contact my family?" and "When can I go home?" are the questions most frequently asked by Hans, a teenager found wandering
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Senior Community Service
Christmas Educational Play on Dental Hygiene - Christmas Spirit Celebrated Across Generations
2020/12/01 | editor
It was bustling with people and noises in the neighborhood long-term care station. Joined by elders and children, the communication across generations, it creates sparks b


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A Different Christmas
Last Christmas, the children in the Agape Children's Home took over the entire Christmas program, and did every
Christmas Educational Play on
It was bustling with people and noises in the neighborhood long-term care station. Joined by elders and children, 
Be A Wish Maker! Give Blessin
In every winter season, children make wishes; but not every child can have their dreams come true. For disadvantaged c
The Philippines Super Typhoon
November 1, Super Typhoon Goni affected more than 24 million people in 8 regions, 32 provinces, 44 cities and 357 mun
The Dream of Playing Hope
"Teacher, can we go to the hospital to play piano for the sick people and comfort them?" This is



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