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The Teacher Guiding the Youth like a Compass
2021/04/14 | editor
Teacher Zhang "I don't think I have really done any good or big things. On the contrary, I think that Mustard Seed Mission helped the confused teenagers and a
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Community Food Bank
The Frist Community Fridge in Taichung: Building a Hunger-free Network in Taiwan
2021/04/13 | editor
The Mustard Seed Mission (MSM) promotes the concept of  "Zero Hunger - Build a Hunger-free Network", achieving a sustainable environment by optimizing the v
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Pei-Hsin Home
Let the Seeds of Hope Shine and Glow
2021/04/13 | editor
Owen wandered on the streets due to his family accident. Fortunately, the social worker found Owen and arranged him to come Pei-Hsin Home urgently.
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Community-Based Family Service
See Love and Action in The Needs of The Weak!
2021/04/13 | editor
In the face of this raging epidemic, the Mustard Seed Mission (MSM) hopes to provide the needs of disadvantaged families in the community... 
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Community-Based Family Service
Where the Mind is, Where the Body Goes
2021/04/12 | editor
Christy mentioned in her grateful letter to her sponsor: "When I am able to work, I want to act like you to help the children in need too."
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Community Protection Network of All
2021/04/09 | editor
Regardless the difference in ages, ethnic groups, classes, cultures, ideas and experiences, community members play the key role in the resilience of the community to disasters


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Agape Children's Home
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What Teenagers Learned from So
Children at Mustard Seed Youth Home play softball on a regular basis, which is good for their body and mind.
Community Protection Network o
Regardless the difference in ages, ethnic groups, classes, cultures, ideas and experiences, community members play
Little Seeds: Expertise of Ev
In Agape Children's Home, the little children actually have many unexpected skills! They are willing to help to
A Warm Soup for The Soul
What the food bank provides is not just about food, but love and care to the families in need. 
Women in leadership: Achievin
The epidemic has revealed the vulnerability of women and the impact on their families and children. By providing girls w



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