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Community-Based Family Service
I am Single, but I Have 2 Children to Take Care
2019/05/13 | editor
Sponsoring a child for only $35 USD per month, the burden is not big, but it has a profound impact on the child. 
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Sharing the Love to Bless more Children
2019/05/07 | editor
Being a single mother, Fang chose to share her love with the needy children with a pure dream: make more children happy just like her beloved son.
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One Day Trip to Tamsui and Bali with Agape Children’s Home
2019/04/30 | editor
The Magical Museum During the holidays, the kids from Agape Children’s Home and us visited the Shihsanhang Museum of Archaeology in Bali and Tamsui Old Street toget
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Angel Chef of PEI-HSIN HOME
2019/04/30 | editor
Have expectation for life again For several reasons, I was taken away from home and lived at an institute when I was little. I did not like the way the institute treated me
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Community-Based Family Service
Provide a Warm and Lovely Environment for Children’s Growth
2019/04/03 | editor
Miao is skinny and always eats junk foods. She feels insecure without her parents' accompany, so she stays with her brother everyday. She is introverted. With my accompany
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Sponsorship for Overseas Child
2019/04/03 | editor
When I got to the place, I could see the collapsed bricks which did not totally be cleaned up everywhere and the houses which was hit by the tsunami were desolated...



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Community Elders Service Make
Long-term care 2.0 is building a caring service system based on the community. The Mustard Seed Mission started the comm
A Valuable Learning Opportunit
This time, the children learned about the process of installing cold storage and the principle of refrigerating air con
No More Alone
Day after day, Grace no longer worry about her own daily life. The services of the food bank make Grace feel safe and l
Give Back to the Community
Jason is an optimistic and kind boy, he said that he would like to connect with people and he is very happy to help oth
Stay by their Side
Ken would be working for living with his older brother when he was little if he didn't receive sponsorship financ


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