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Agape Children’s Home
GO! Epidemic Prevention at Agape Children's Home
2021/08/02 | editor
In addition to sports, housework is also an indispensable way to cultivate children's ability to take care of themselves in life. Teachers from each small home took
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Sponsorship for Overseas Child
The Child of Rural Village Collecting Cow Dung
2021/07/21 | editor
Da and her younger brother were enrolled the MSM's sponsorship program in 2018, mainly because their mother passed away and their father ran away and never returned
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Mustard Seed Youth Home
Young Tim Has His Dream After Having Enough Food and Clothing
2021/07/14 | editor
The teenager Tim came to Mustard Seed Youth Home from the fourth grade of elementary school. His mother was in jail for taking drugs.
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Elderly Disaster Prevention~ Complementing Energetic learning
2021/07/14 | editor
After the disaster prevention workshop, an elder said, "Teacher, I will prepare a disaster prevention kit after I get home."
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Community-Based Family Service
Community Network: Timely Assistance to Vulnerable Families
2021/07/13 | editor
Jax's stepfather refused to recognize Jax as part of the family member, and is not even willing to pay for his living expenses...
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Agape Children’s Home
Agape Children's Home: Sweat on Rainy Days
2021/07/13 | editor
Kyle ran to share with us excitedly: "It turns out that it's really a sense of accomplishment to be able to give my abilities and see the results, I am so happy!


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Bringing Warmth to Miaoli Hakk
The Community Sharing Refrigerator is a service for local residents, in which local caring stores provide edible food,
In Pei-Hsin Home, Bonding Sta
Though Pei-Hsin home was a short-term shelter for these youth in crisis, we could help them feel loved on their path to
Embracing Changes, An Inevita
Amid the rapidly rising caution of recent epidemic prevention, the students decide to move the meeting over on-line aft
Good to Have You in Our Fight
During the height of the pandemic outbreak, the social worker of the Mustard Seed Mission suddenly received phone calls
Perhaps It Is Different This T
With the impact of pandemic prolongs, the weekly demand for our supply packages is increasing. Unfortunately, we have



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