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Mustard Seed Youth Home
The First Public Performance
2018/09/14 | editor
It was a hot and sunny day on August 12th when children's music band in the Mustard Seed Youth Home woke up early to go to the Freedom Plaza in Hualien City. It was the chil
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Community Food Bank
Eat Together
2018/09/11 | editor
Community food bank not only provides resources to community needy people but also offers shared meals to seniors and children in need. Huang Nan community food bank is serving mor
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Pei-Hsin Home
Sunshine after Rain
2018/09/10 | editor
Brandon is a very special child. From a young age, he was sickly and often had to go to the hospital. This put heavy financial pressure on his large and already financially strugg
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Community-Based Family Service
Helping Children Have a Chance at Education
2018/09/10 | editor
For more than eight years since the establishment of The Mustard Seed Mission's Child Sponsorship program, The Mustard Seed Mission not only gives financial aid to families
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Sponsorship for Overseas Child
I Want to Go to School Like Other Children!
2018/09/10 | editor
"I also want to go to school like other children..." said nine-year-old Sammy. The Sami family live in the slums of Pakistan. His father passed away when he was 5 yea
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Community-Based Family Service
Help Eight-Year-Old Yu-Yu, Who Dares to Dream!
2018/08/17 | editor
Early this year, when the social worker went to visit Yu-Yu, she noticed that there was only one blanket in the house to keep the family warm during the winter. Yu-Yu said, &ld


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Help Eight-Year-Old Yu-Yu, Wh
Early this year, when the social worker went to visit Yu-Yu, she noticed that there was only one blanket in the house
The Future Gets Brighter
Self-discovery is like entering a dark tunnel, not knowing how long the tunnel will be, but the further one walks the
Meet with Children!
This year, we invited 70 sponsors, sponsored children, and their families to meet up in Hualien. It was a sunn
Life is Like a Book!
In the camp, we let children to record their own video and guided them to resort their thought and make a story of it.
Friendship from the U.S
Love beyond national and languages boundaries. Thank you, American friends! After more than 20 hours of


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