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Sponsorship for Overseas Child
Salute to the Frontline Heroes Combating COVID-19
2020/09/18 | editor
"Since the pandemic began, we run similar processes every day: family surveys, packaging, delivery, and ensuring the families receive supplies. Although being exhausted
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Senior Community Service
Run! Hype Grandpas and Grandmas Run!
2020/09/17 | editor
"I haven't participated in a Sports Day for more than 60 years. I feel like I was young again today!..." shared by 67-year-old grandpa Rich
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The 3rd Safe City Carnival Was Held in 4 Places in Taiwan
2020/09/14 | editor
The Mustard Seed Mission is aware of the importance of disaster prevention in Taiwan, since 2018, MSM started to engage in community disaster prevention training work. 
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Unlimited Love: A Happy Family for Orphaned Children
2020/09/04 | editor
With a caring composition of the main caregivers, supporters and companion, family-like care service takes care of children in a family way...
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Community-Based Family Service
Selfless Love and Warm Arms Embrace the Needy
2020/09/04 | editor
"I have to be strong. If I fall out, who will take care of them?"  Although Chen is not their biological father, he loves them more than a father.&n
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Empowerment Shorten the Gap Between "Expectation" and "Reality"
2020/09/03 | editor
As the job requires face to face with customers, Lynn found herself usually stressed out at work. With difficulties to adopt to the work environment, she frequently suffer


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Agape Children's Home
Mustard Seed Youth Home
Sponsorship for Taiwan Children in Poverty
Sponsorship for Overseas Children in Poverty
Community Food Bank
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A Holistically Devoted Approac
Juan was mistreated by his mother with mental disorder; he demonstrates no passion in anything until the day he met pot
Special Training for Anti-pand
As COVID-19 has been globally wide-spreading, the Youth Home of the Mustard Seed Mission stays highly alert and follow
Empowerment Shorten the Gap Be
As the job requires face to face with customers, Lynn found herself usually stressed out at work. With difficult
2020 Safe City Carnival
The Mustard Seed Mission has devoted itself to community disaster prevention and relief work, aims to build a community
Social Vulnerability to Disast
The Mustard Seed Mission and our local working partners saw the deterioration of the health and nutritional status of in



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