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Rebuild the Lives of Indonesians After Disaster
2019/08/19 | editor
The 2018 earthquake and tsunami in Palu City, Indonesia, had destroyed and swept away more than 10 000 homes.
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Senior Community Service
Grandparents Learning Paper Origami in Daycare
2019/08/12 | editor
A 92 year old grandmother was grinning from ear to ear, "It's so fun to be doing such special paper origami at this age!" 
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Family-like Placement Institute-Connecting Brothers and Sisters
2019/08/08 | editor
"Family-like Placement Institute" is an innovative service newly provided in the New Taipei City, a family-based and community-based placements care for kids in need
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Pei-Hsin Home
A Whole New Love
2019/08/08 | editor
Due to some sudden family incidents, Ding Ding and his scavenging grandfather were forced to sleep rough in a park like a pair of homeless people. 
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Multi-dimensional Learning Through Art
2019/07/11 | editor
Widening income gap has disadvantaged children who are growing up in developing rural areas, which are often a distance from the more developed urban areas. This has resulted in l
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Mustard Seed Youth Home
Summer Challenge Camp - First Snorkeling
2019/07/09 | editor
The Mustard Seed Youth Home in Hualien, Taiwan, held a summer camp for adolescent to experience snorkel for the very first time. We went to Shimen in Fengbin Township early in th



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Summer Challenge Camp - First
The Mustard Seed Youth Home in Hualien, Taiwan, held a summer camp for adolescent to experience snorkel for the very f
Care like Parents
When Fu first came to the Mustard Seed Youth Home, being closed-minded and indifferent, he was hard to get close to. T
Pass Love Down! Sponsored Chi
 “I think the reason I wants to become a social worker is because I have been accompanied and cared by ma
Career Exploration is Fun
Mustard Seed Youth Home held an orientation and introduction workshop of military life for teens, who are about to grad
Palu, Sail on! The Mustard S
Post Disaster Reconstruction assistance from Taiwan to Indonesia


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