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Agape Children’s Home
Camping in Agape Children's Home is Fun!
2022/05/20 | editor
During the camping, the challenge faced by each child is to find a suitable way to complete the task through teamwork, and from the game to practice the children's positiv
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Community-Based Family Service
My Great-Granny Is My Heaven and Shelter
2022/05/20 | editor
Yuriana was born out of wedlock and her mother was unable to raise her. Leaving little Yuriana behind to be taken care of by her elderly 70-year-old great-grandmother, she left an
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Community-Based Family Service
I Am Doing Well, Please Don't Worry About Me
2022/05/18 | editor
Without Shyla's mother, Shyla and her grandmother lost the only bread winner of the family and couldn't afford the rent. 
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Sponsorship for Overseas Child
Finally, We Can Go Back to School Together
2022/05/11 | editor
Nepal has suspended classes for a long time since the epidemic. Children finally started going back to school in October last year. 
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Campus Disaster Prevention is Fun
2022/05/11 | editor
Disaster prevention education regardless of gender and age needs to be carried out continuously. With the theme of climate change and the concept of self-protection from dis
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Agape Children’s Home
Buddies in Agape Children's Home
2022/05/11 | editor
In Agape Children's Home, the older kids will lead the youngers to learn together and build up the casual little habit.


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Agape Children's Home
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Actions to Make Your Dreams Co
"Yes, I can! The youth Employment Empowerment Program" provides a set of training courses for you
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 After purchasing food and daily necessities for those families under served; to match different items an
Got Back to Pei-Hsin Home
Wesley was labeled as 'troublemaker' by teachers and frequently got punished, he had been the subj
The Strong Backing of Teenager
Like elder brothers and sisters to the youths, a role model for teenagers to respect and learn, and it is also the per
A Balanced Diet Brings A Healt
We hope to cultivate children in MS Youth Home not only to choose the food they like, but also to remember to consider



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