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Community-Based Family Service
Making them Smile, Once Again!
2020/04/08 | editor
"I am afraid of losing granny…" Ming's granny has asthma and diabetes. These hospital bills further add on to the financial difficulty at home.
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Mustard Seed Youth Home
Study Buddy, Two Heads are Better than One
2020/04/08 | editor
Other than improvement in their academic results, there was a stark improvement in the attitudes of these youths, they have learnt to be more gentle and meek...
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Sponsorship for Overseas Child
In the Frontline of the Pandemic Battlefield: the Mustard Seed Mission Continues the Support To Nepal
2020/04/06 | editor
In Nepal, WASH (Water, Sanitation & Hygiene) training, safe and clean drinking water and epidemic prevention are provided to the vulnerable to slow down the sprea
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Senior Community Service
Covid-19 Outbreaks! Our Seniors at Day Care Center for the Elderly are Making the Cloth Face Masks
2020/04/06 | editor
To leave protective gears to medical staff, we started to make plans for our seniors to make cloth face masks with filter that can fend off the virus as the surgical
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Taiwan Residential Child Care Alliance Established on March 10! Creating Childcare Facility Model that Places Children's Rights First!
2020/03/12 | editor
Facing the impact of epidemic prevention, the childcare facilities on the front line are very concerned! Established today (10th), "Taiwan Residential Child Care Allian
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Media News
Taipei Times: New alliance to create childcare facility model that places children's rights first
2020/03/12 | editor
The Taiwan Residential Child Care Alliance was established yesterday with the aim of creating a model for childcare facilities that prioritizes children's rights and interes


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Taipei Times: New alliance to
The Taiwan Residential Child Care Alliance was established yesterday with the aim of creating a model for childcare faci
Craving for Love
The day when Paul, a little boy with autism, arrived at Pei-Hsin Home. He said to the social worker, "I
Caring Chefs Visiting the Must
Most of the youths rarely get the chance to understand the cooking process and spirit behind the western cuisines. 
Finding Your Rose in Life thro
Finally, after the employment empowerment courses, he found out which job is suitable for him! 
Warm hugs from Kaohsiung city
Many games were uniquely designed for people to easily learn respective geographical and cultural knowledge through each


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