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Little Star's Little Wish
2022/04/12 | editor
Little Star, who recently fell in love with the map of Taiwan; saying that when she can go home, she hopes that her family can take her to visit and see the places in the

Disaster Prevention Through Learning: Fun Without Distance
2022/04/11 | editor
The majority of the participants are the middle-aged and elderly people; therefore, we develop the suitable language and methods that senior citizens can understand.

Get Teenagers Dreaming Big in 2022
2022/04/08 | editor
2022 is the beginning of a new chapter. Care workers at MS Youth Home will work with teens to do one small thing each day to get them closer to their dreams. 

Timely Rain in the Desert for the Plight of the Poor
2022/04/07 | editor
Yaretzi comes from a family of six people whose family members are all dependent on her father's income from temporary work to make a living. Yaretzi's father died&n

Sponsored Children in Cambodia - My Family Has A Cow
2022/04/05 | editor
Owning a cow is undoubtedly the greatest encouragement for the family who originally lived by collecting cow dung.

Fly High Like an Eagle
2022/03/23 | editor
From junior high school to university, Cher has experienced life transformation in i-ro i-ro Children's Home. She has transformed from being low self-esteemed and indiffere

The Conflict in Ukraine continues, The Mustard Seed Mission works with Medair to provide permanent assistance
2022/03/23 | editor
55 Children Become Refugees Every Minute!  The Mustard Seed Mission in partnership with European humanitarian organization Medair. Raising 5 million to provi

Say Goodbye to A Difficult Year Of 2021
2022/03/14 | editor
The pandemic has brought tremendous impact on those  Cambodian families who live by daily wages to merely support enough food to eat.

Ukraine Crisis Urgent Humanitarian Aid
2022/03/14 | editor
Our partners are working in Przemysl (Southern Poland) to meet the immediate needs of these refugees from Ukraine - providing support such as food, bedding and temporary

To Become A Blessing for Other People Amid Natural Disaster
2022/03/13 | editor
Disaster prevention volunteer training is provided online, hence, is not be affected by distance. Those who are willing to become disaster relief volunteers can learn together on

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你要盡心、盡性、盡 意、盡力愛主 ─ 你的神。其次就是說:要愛人如己。(馬可福音12章30-31節)

You must love the Lord your God with all your heart, with all your being, with all your mind, and with all your strength. The second is this, You will love your neighbor as yourself. (Mark 12:30-31)


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