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  Helping the New Immigrants Integrate into Taiwanese Culture Faster
2019/10/15 | editor

Welcome New Immigrants to Learn Chinese

"Hello, is this New Immigrants Service Center? My wife just came to Taiwan. Is there a Chinese class?" "My children just moved to Taiwan. Is there anyone who can teach them Chinese?" "My husband is an Indian. He has learned a little Chinese before. I heard that you have Chinese class, can he join?"

Everyday in New Immigrants Service Center, people call to ask about Chinese class for their new Immigrants husband, wife, mom, dad, or children.

In order to help them adapt to Taiwanese life and culture more quickly, The Mustard Seed Mission takes over New Immigrants Service Center of Kaohsiung City. Chinese classes are hold annually for new immigrants during April to June and September to November. The classes include Chinese pronunciation, pinyin, stroke, and idioms. Moreover, expressions about festivals and current affairs are also included in the class.

Every Tuesday at 2 pm, new immigrants from different countries will come to the Service Center for class. The teachers would come to classroom early to prepare for the class; after class, teaching video clips are shared via social media to help the participants to review and practice pronunciation by themselves.

Teacher Mei puts a lot of effort into teaching. She corrects the students' homework during the break and always complements and encourages the students. If the students' learning needs to be enhanced, Ms. Mei will voluntarily help them to review the Mandarin phonetic symbols 30 minutes before the class. All kinds of students can be taken care of and find a suitable class for themselves here.
The teacher guides the students carefully
The teacher guides the students carefully

Learning is easier with the interpretation assistants!

In "New Immigrants' Chinese Class", there are not only great teachers but also interpretation assistants aside. The interpreters would sit next to the students and translate for them and answer their questions immediately. Moreover, the students would also help each other spontaneously. For example, a Vietnamese student Feng who is good at English would translate the class for Jay, an Indian who joined in this semester and a couple from Hong Kong would also communicate with Jay in English. With their assistance, Jay could learn Chinses much easier.

Interpretation assistants helping students in class
Interpretation assistants helping students in class
"New Immigrants' Chinese Class" is a platform where students can exchange languages and share their cultures. The students would bring their hometown foods and relics to share with others during the class. Through communication and interaction, they became closer and closer. New Immigrants Service Center is just like a big family with members from different countries; they take care of each other and encourage one another. Taiwan has become a place with warmth and companionship and it's no longer cold nor strange to the new immigrants.
The students helping each other learning Chinese
The students helping each other learning Chinese

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