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Mustard Seed Youth Home
Journey Towards a Future
2020/08/06 | editor
When Hulk first came to the Mustard Seed Youth Home, he was passive and not good at expressing himself when interacting with others. 
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Sponsorship for Overseas Child
The Road to Education that Turns Life Around
2020/08/05 | editor
"The children have no idea why they should go to school and the parents don't think it is important to get educated, either. We can do nothing but keep on visiting t
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Sponsorship for Overseas Child
Planting Unlimited Seeds of Hope! Helping A Dream Come True
2020/08/03 | editor
Sonam said " I'm coming from a village named Namrung where takes approximately five days of walk, lacking of educational resources around the district...&quo
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Pei-Hsin Home
Understand Your World
2020/08/03 | editor
To vent his frustration for being forced to leave his familiar environment and moved into a new place, he was full of thorns in the beginning, allowing no one to get close
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Disasters Prevention Without Borders
2020/08/03 | editor
Several volunteer workers come from abroad to assist new immigrants of the New Immigrants Center in Kaohsiung City. They all look forward to receiving disaster prevention training,
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Love Amid the Pandemic~ Protecting the Community Together
2020/07/24 | editor
"If our community has pandemic like this, what should we do?" How to improve self-help and mutual assistance in the epidemic?


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Agape Children's Home
Mustard Seed Youth Home
Sponsorship for Taiwan Children in Poverty
Sponsorship for Overseas Children in Poverty
Community Food Bank
Senior Service

Love Amid the Pandemic~ Prote
"If our community has pandemic like this, what should we do?" How to improve self-help and mutual assist
Hope in the Storm
The first time meeting the 7-year-old Sunny, she had warm smiles and bright eyes. Being neglected, she has allergies a
The Small Flowerbed in the Chi
Charlie followed the instructions accordingly to plant the carrot, the green carrot leaves are growing out of th
Community Local Caring Rescue
The caring shops cooperating with MSM not just collected money change for the needy, but played actively as the local r
I Would Like to Live Like a Ch
Hannah experienced the separation of her parents from an early age. Seeing her grandma's elderly figure,



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